Finish Line in Sight


Last night we had our final official clinic session before the Mississauga Marathon. We had an excellent guest speaker, Predrag Mladenovic, a local champ as well as a well-respected runner both nationally and internationally.

Predrag shared with us some of his own experiences in tackling the marathon distance. He in fact won the Mississauga Marathon in 2007, which was his first marathon at the time!

I found it fascinating to hear from such an elite runner and while I may never know how it feels to break the tape, I could relate on many levels. It was interesting to learn that he experiences pre-race nerves just like we do, and battles those physical and mental challenges late in the marathon just like we do. Whether you’re racing in the top 3 or back of the pack, a marathon is a marathon. Predrag said many times that “42 kilometres is 42 kilometres!”

Final Run

I opted out of the group run last night in favour of running some errands and turning in early, so I headed out this morning before work for my final pre-marathon run. It was a nice and easy 5K around the neighbourhood. Everything appears to be in good working order…

And that about wraps it up!

Training by Numbers

# weeks: 16

# runs: 84

distance: 1035KM (~647mi)

average weekly mileage: 65KM (~41mi)

highest weekly mileage: 77KM (~48mi)

highest monthly mileage: (April) 319KM (~198mi)

# runs 25K (~15mi) or more: 10

# runs 30K (~18.6mi) or more: 6

# runs 32K (~20mi) or more: 4

races: 5 (HM and 30K PR) + 1 virtual

And it all comes down to 26.2 miles on Sunday…


I do not have A, B and C goals like I normally would. This time around I have only one time goal and it’s no secret around here:


Other goals/plans/thoughts:

  • Start smart! I will not go out too fast. I know what pace I need to run, I know how it feels and I know I can hold it.
  • I will not try to “bank” time. Starting conservatively has worked best for me on long runs and I have almost always succeeded with a negative split. The plan is to run a 2:00 first half and shave some time off the second half if I can (or hold on for dear life).
  • My fueling/hydration/electrolyte replacement plan is in place and I will stick to it because I know it works. (Gu every 5 miles, 1 Gu Chump in between on the 2.5, salt cap before the race and half way, water in my Nathan handheld to be refilled as needed.)
  • My race day outfit has been selected (pictured below) and I’ve started laying out gear. Our dining room is starting to look like Race Central!

  • Possible pacing from my former clinic instructor/coach (Don) from 14K-28K (hopefully timing will work out); it would be nice to let someone monitor my pace for me during this ‘middle section’ of the race.
  • Hubs will be out on the course (with my orange wedges!) at various points – I know seeing him will give me a boost! I want to make him proud.
  • 3 of my girlfriends have arranged to show up from out of town and will also be out on the course (WITH COWBELLS) to cheer me on. This means the world to me!
  • Countless friends and running companions will be racing or cheering… there will be no shortage of support.

  • I will TRUST my training and BELIEVE in myself. I CAN DO THIS!

Live tracking will be available at – Search for bib # 197 under Mississauga Marathon.

2 more sleeps!


69 thoughts on “Finish Line in Sight

  1. oops, didn't mean to do that twice…hahaI have NO DOUBT that those legs have a sub-4 in them….Secretly (or, not-so…) I think you have 3:50 in you and I can't wait to follow you and see how you do!! Wish I could be there with an extra cowbell to cheer you on :)!

  2. What a great plan! Believe in your training…Congratulations on a very tough 16 week plan you did a great job! Have a great race and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Good luck to you! I'm going for my sub-4 in three weeks, and I'm already shaking with nerves. Sounds like you've put in the hard work and now you get to enjoy the results. Can't wait to hear about the race!

  4. Run, Girl, run! I can't wait to follow you and I love your plans…you've worked so hard for this! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  5. You are smart to stick to the conservative start; I'm like that too–banking miles does not work for me! Go out there and have a fabulous race–get your goal!!

  6. You have SO got this!! Sub four is yours. You ran way more miles than I did in 16 weeks. Wow, impressive. Yeah, banking time is risky. I only did it b/c there was so much downhill the first half. You are smart and strong and I can't wait to hear about your success.

  7. grrr i posted a great comment and it didn't save. my computer is having connection issues.i just wanted to say good luck!!!! there was much more to it than that 🙂 lemme try to recreate:SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! just do it!! your legs know what they're doing and you have a fire inside so both of those things will carry you from start to finish. let everything go and just run. have fun! and work hard- like you always do. good luck!! :)happy friday!

  8. Yea!!! I'm so excited for you! Good luck on Sunday, kick some marathon butt! I'll be thinking of you while I'm battling my own 26.2 🙂 Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  9. looove the race outfit. the blue-ish/purple looks really good on u!good luck and u can do anything u set your mind too. ill keep my eyes open for u!!!! LETS GO 197!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!

  10. i dont think you will have any trouble running sub 4! i really think you got it. will u update your fb status right after the race? i hope so! i'll be watching! my parents just crossed the Canadian border this morning, they are making their way from cape cod MA to Alaska via your beautiful country! BEST OF LUCK!!!

  11. Marlene, you are my hero! You will do awesome and I know you will get that sub 4:00!!! Great race plan, can't wait to read about it! Have fun and good luck!

  12. Good luck to you. I'm sure you can do it. Based on those training numbers, for sure a sub 4:00. I'll be there as well, it's my first full marathon!!

  13. alright girlie, YOUR race is here!!!! you KNOW you have this in you, we all do, now go out there and get it! your race plan sounds perfect, i think you will have some left in the tank with a 2:00 first half. play it smart, get to the 20s, then lay it ALL out there. SO excited for you!!!! i will be cheering you on from cali and anxiously awaiting a post on facebook 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ahhhhh! hehe sorry i am excited.

  14. Your training mileage is amazing. You've got a plan, you've done the work and most importantly, you've got the outfit! You're ready!Good luck in Mistersauga!(Oh, and a Mississauga fact: Streetsville is named after Timothy Street, the founder, not because it's a town with streets in it as my university roomie thought!)

  15. You are pure DYNAMITE in that top! It's my absolute fave color!I am so proud of you, your hard work, plans, preparation, everything you've done this cycle.Have a great (waaaay sub 4) race and have a blast out there!

  16. I am rooting you on Marlene. YOu are going to be amazing tomorrow. Sounds like you are all ready to go! YAYAYAYAY!!! I wish you well and will be thinking of you while I run in my race. LOL! 🙂 It is going to motivate me to finish. Good luck!!!!

  17. You are going to do Great Marlene!! Enjoy the race and have fun! Good luck! I will be thinking and hoping your are doing well all Sunday!!

  18. Yes you can do it. Your pre marathon post is outstanding. I hope to learn from it for my next marathon! Can't wait to hear how killed the four hour mark!

  19. You are so ready and you have a great attitude! You are going to rock that sub-4h marathon…CAN NOT WAIT to read the recap 🙂

  20. Just remember to try to have FUN! Can't wait to hear how you did. Loved the outfit too – sure do wish I could fit into something like that. Maybe for Denver in October.

  21. You're going to kick so much marathon butt! Your training has been awesome and you've got it all behind you, just waiting to back you up on race day!! Good luck – can't wait to hear all about it!!

  22. Marlene, you are so ready! Trained so well, you no doubt have the mettle to achieve your goal. I am soooo pulling for you and will be cheering you on from the sidelines here in Ozark. You are an awesome young lady and I can't wait to hear the report!!

  23. Base on all your race results and training you have done, I have no doubt that you will crush sub-4 goal! Enjoy your marathon tomorrow. 🙂

  24. Go Marlene, go! You are doing so well so far…am tracking you…they just posted your half marathon time. This is so exciting! I feel like I am there, cheering you in person.

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