Mississauga Photo Overload + Video

After a week of rest and relaxation to the max (though I did run twice, a 6K and a 12K) along with eating and drinking everything I had restricted from my diet leading up to the race, I’m ready to get back into training mode. I’ll still be taking it pretty easy for another week or two since I know I am still in recovery, but I do have a little race coming up soon and need to get myself back into marathon condition.

But first… another look at last weekend’s Mississauga Marathon. I actually purchased my official pics for a change since there were several good ones and I thought the $39 was worth it for the complete digital set.

Am I the only one who likes to look up results for people who show up in my race pics? #1871 finished with a chip time of 4:02:34. (I win.)

#1338 finished with a chip time of 4:01:48. (I win.)

#1338 finished with a chip time of 4:03:05. (I win.)

Check out this finish line video. Watch for me to the right and take note of my legs almost buckling after the mat.


50 thoughts on “Mississauga Photo Overload + Video

  1. You are so funny looking up people's finish times!You are a bolt of violet beauty out there. I totally had the leg buckling thing happen in Columbus–weird!

  2. Wow, you got a ton of great pictures!! Looks like you really enjoyed the race while others were struggling. Hope you enjoyed your little break. From the pictures on FB looks like you had a blast.

  3. You got the whole set for $40?! Seriously?! Wow. I want that race photographer all the time. ;)Great pics! YOu always get good race shots – looking strong and *happy*. I have Never looked up other people's race times, lol. But, I love that you did this and that you beat them. πŸ˜‰ haha

  4. you can never have too many pictures!!! and you look FANTABULOUS in all of them!!!!!!!!!!! that purple top is an awesome color! looking GOOD marlene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good call on purchasing the pics :)i have never thought to look up other race #s in my photos!!!!!!!!!! i don't race as often as you, or in races w/ photos, but that is such a funny/AWESOME idea!!!!!!!!1 (YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!).and thanks for the tag!!! i'll play along soon πŸ™‚ happy tuesday!

  5. Wow you got sooo many pictures!! Wow your legs were DONE.. Awesome that you beat all those people, never thought to look people up in the stats.A little race….UGH!! I am trying to get back at it and I have had 23 days..

  6. LOVE the pics!!!!! i bought from big sur too because its just worth having them when there are so many good ones! PLUS yours was a big memorable race πŸ™‚

  7. u look absolutely wonderful in your pictures!!! yay!!!u do not look like u just ran for 4 hours. u look like u took a lap around the block.hey, i do that too. i look up people in my pix as well! hhahah

  8. The photographer got so many pics of you. I've been to lots of races where I get a sum total of zero. (I think the photographers are trying to tell me something)

  9. Those pictures are great! You got all those for 39 dollars! Wowie! Totally worth it I would say! Its like a play by play of you running!

  10. Congrats again…and great pics. Definitely worth the price.I love that you looked up the other runners in your photos…and that you win πŸ™‚

  11. I think it is so funny you check to see when everyone finishes (I'll be doing the same thing now). Congrats on the marathon you are very inspiring.

  12. under $40 for ONE picture is a steal, sadly. a whole bunch? heck yes you must buy them!great photos marlene! i have never thought to look up other's finishing times… i am definitely gonna do that from now on. i hope i win as many times as you did πŸ™‚

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