Trail Love

This morning I met up with three friends from my training group and headed to a local conservation area where we picked up part of the Bruce Trail for my first official trail run! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I was in good hands with at least one seasoned trail-runner in the bunch and I was excited to experience something new.

I absolutely loved it!

We set out with a plan of running an out-and-back for about 2-2.5 hours, following the blue markers. The trails weren’t too technical, but we definitely had to keep our eyes on the ground. They were primarily single-track with roots, rocks and various other obstacles along the way. We climbed up and down as we weaved our way through the woods, all the while keeping an eye on our footing and watching out for those blue markers. (We only made one wrong turn and thankfully noticed right away.)

It was so quiet and peaceful, with only the sounds of the birds, our breath, footsteps on the soft earth and our legs rustling through the bush. (Except for the one time I heard a loud rustling nearby and thought we were being attacked by a bear forest critter and shrieked in panic.) It was so beautiful in the woods and I was constantly in awe of my surroundings.

We covered about 19K/12 miles in 2:16. You definitely have to slow down a lot out there and it was refreshing not to pay any attention to pace whatsoever.

We snapped a quick self-timer pic and chowed down on my power bars back at the car, as us newbies proclaimed our new-found love for the trails. I definitely plan to spend some more time out there this summer.

Cathy, Martin, Kevin, Marlene

My shoes and socks have seen better days!

37 thoughts on “Trail Love

  1. I don't have woods to run in, but I prefer running along the bosque trail (that's the area by the river) vs running on the road or in neighborhoods for peacefulness.

  2. hey, where did you enter the trail? ive always wanted to go, but dont know where enter it.great job on ur run! what a perfect day for a trail run!

  3. I LOVE black shoes and socks. Still need to wash mine from last weekend! Doesn't it make you feel like you really accomplished something?!

  4. trail running is definitely rough on the shoes! the only reason I haven't done a trail run is because I don't have the proper trail-shoes for it and don't want to risk injury in my road shoes. glad to hear it is fun; it makes me want to get out there right nowKatherine

  5. trail running is so much fun! i love the relaxed pace and i love how i can run run for hours and hours without feeling like i ran at all! i can't wait for my next trail race! glad you tried it and glad you love it!

  6. How fun!! Did you use trail shoes?? I did a SHORT (i.e. 1 mile) trail run during my volunteering on Saturday and omg my feet hurt! Needless to say I'm floored as to how people did 50 miles like that. πŸ™‚ This sounds like a great way to spend part of the weekend though, and a gooood leg workout!

  7. Sounds so fun!!I would love train running if it weren't for my weak ankles. But come to think of it, I signed up for a marathon later this year that has some off-road sections. Oops.

  8. 34th comment…Those are some DIRTY shoes.. Wowzers. there are a lot of trail runs/races in my area with the race fees going to maintaining the trails. I am hoping to try one this summer. SLOW!!! Maybe even walking. I am a huge KLUTZ!

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