Finished and famous!


Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (# 5): 4:15:49

Trip report and race report to follow!


43 thoughts on “Finished and famous!

  1. CONGRATS!! amazing picture! look at you guys crazy marathon legs!! rockstars. Sorry I didn't introduce myself this morning..i was briefly with the blogging group before the race….race day nerves…hope you have a great trip back!!

  2. You girls look awesome! Way to go! And look at those leg muscles! WOOW! That is such a sweet picture! Congrats on the marathon!

  3. WOW that is a spectacular photo finish!!!!!!!!! so glad the race peeps got that one!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are such role models- love the effort, love the love, love the strong finish. way to go marlene!!!!!!!! you just keep doin' your thaanngggg!AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT YOUR CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best card ever. i laughed at the inside bit. you are so sweet thank you thank you. it was DEFINITELY day brightening πŸ™‚ and i'm trying to keep that rainbow shining brightly πŸ™‚

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