Seattle Recap

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Thursday was off to a rocky start when my plane had to turn around and fly back to Toronto due to cabin pressure issues. After sitting on the plane for an hour, then waiting around the airport for two and a half, we finally boarded another plane… only to wait another hour and a half to depart for the 5+ hour flight. I finally arrived in Seattle 5 hours later than planned after about 12 hours of travelling. Unfortunately this derailed some of our plans for the day, but Tall Mom was a wonderful host, picking me up from the airport (during rush hour!), getting me fed and taking me home to crash.

So many thanks to the Tall Mom family for welcoming me into their home and taking such good care of me all weekend. I could not have asked for better hosts.

On Friday we did a little shopping in the morning before lunch, then hit the race expo for some serious shopping and freebies!

(I was extremely excited about $1 Gu!)

After making our way through the crowds, we met up with Amanda and her hubby to Ride the Ducks, which allowed us to see some of the city off our feet. Our duck got stuck in some major traffic congestion, but the driver was a hoot and we had an awesome time.

We had a bit of time to kill before our big bloggy dinner, so we wandered along the water front and paused for a photo op.

Dinner was an enormous success and it was amazing to meet Kerrie, Zoe, Stacie, Sarah, Kasey, Lorian, Steph, Jill and many others! The hours passed quickly as we chatted and laughed while stuffing our faces and chugging water. Thank you so much to our local Seattle organizers, especially Mel for making it happen and Kerrie for the personalized name tags.

We eventually made it back to the Tall Mom residence to hit the sack. Mel and I both went to bed asking one another, ‘Are we really running a marathon in the morning?’

To be continued……

34 thoughts on “Seattle Recap

  1. I'd probably be crawling out of my skin with those airplane delays – ugh! Glad everything turned out well, though…looking forward to the continuation… congrats again!!! 🙂

  2. all this build up! tell us the whole story! hahhahaive been waiting to read about it!sounds like ur rocky start didnt ruin ur mood! good stuff!cools pix 🙂

  3. Wow you scored a lot of awesome stuff from the expo! That stinks about the plane troubles but at least you got there safe and sound!

  4. so fun! so many bloggy friends :)i am assuming "ride the ducks" = duck tour! those are pretty cool, and a different way to see any city. we did one in boston. probably the only way you are allowed into the charles without full body armor 😉

  5. I am so behind and so jealous that you had such an awesome and girl filled bloggy meetup! 🙂 It looks like a blast and I know so many of those girls. 🙂 And I'm super jealous of your Duck tour! I've always wanted to do one!!!

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