Inaugural Canada Day Beer Mile

Hubs and I host an annual Canada Day party and we decided to shake things up this year by adding our first ever Beer Mile.

We live on a crescent street about 300m around, so we had everyone run 4 laps, drinking a can of beer (or whatever they could manage!) before each lap. This was definitely an “unofficial” mile with very relaxed rules, but it was a riot watching everyone chugging drinks on our driveway then running like maniacs around the block. We had a few “non-runner” participants and plenty of spectators/photographers, which made it even more fun.

Here I am, all ready to go. Yes – I wore my Seattle race bib and medal the entire time and that’s my Brooks VIP toilet paper… just in case. Oh, and I’m drinking a Vex vodka cooler instead of beer. (I told you we relaxed the rules!)

Proof that I actually drank beer (I hate it):

Some axtion shots:

We had ribbons!

The aftermath:

2010 Beer Milers!

This is definitely going to be an annual tradition!

Happy (belated) Canada Day


Happy 4th of July!


42 thoughts on “Inaugural Canada Day Beer Mile

  1. I LOVE IT! So awesome! I'd be running some pretty slow 300 metre splits after a can of beer! Yikes! Sounds like lots of fun – I especially like the ribbons – too cute!

  2. THAT has got to the be best fun thing I have seen all weekend! I love how you're all toasted in the grass after. I'd be planted there for a few hours. TOO tooo fun!! Happy Weekend, girl!!

  3. That looks like so much fun!And, seriously, if you consider Busch beer, we need to chat. ;o) I love beer and you could not pay me enough to drink that stuff. I'd have been drinking the Vex with you.

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