Tempo Tuesday

We’ve been hit hard with a heat wave this week with temps of 32C (90F) and up, feeling more like 42C (108F) with the humidity.

Last I checked, we live in Canada!

Today marks my first week of official training for the Toronto Marathon on October 17th and my first run called for a 6K (~4.5mi) tempo. I figured my best option for a successful run would be dark o’thirty this morning. The alarm went of at 4:30 and I even convinced hubs to join me.

We managed to beat some of the heat and the sun, but there was no reprieve from the humidity. It was only 21C (70F) when we set out at 4:50AM, but felt like 32C (90F) given the 89% humidity.

Hubs and I started our warm-up together but soon parted ways to complete our respective workouts. I took it slow for a 3K warm-up, willing my body to acclimate to the conditions. I was soaked from head to toe before I even started the tempo portion.

Off we go!

3K warm-up @ 18:56

Target Tempo Pace = 5:00/KM

5:09okay, legs feel good. just have to fight the humidity.
5:09where’s my oxygen tank?
4:59no way could I run 6K at this pace today!
5:07stopped for a super quick breather and gulp of water, immediately felt sick. uh-oh…
5:10eased off a bit for the first half until I started feeling okay again. almost done.
4:56one more K. push, push, push.

And done! Average tempo pace: 5:05/KM.

I’m definitely pleased with how this went. I expected worse based on the weather but managed to hang in there pretty close to target pace. On a typical day, I know I can nail sub-5:00 splits. Hopefully next Tuesday will be a little cooler!


38 thoughts on “Tempo Tuesday

  1. This heat and humidity has been crazy lately! It's hard when you can't beat it no matter what crazy hour you start at! Great job though!

  2. great tempo!!! starting the short week off with a BANG. and that igloo was seriously a breath of fresh air. i would like to go in there right now and hang out. ya with me?! ๐Ÿ™‚ hahah. AND i haven't yet seen eclipse! ah! have you?? what'd you think??

  3. I just got in from a 7km tempo run. If I don't shower soon, I will have to fumigate my house.But it isn't snow, therefore it is awesome out.!

  4. Good for you getting out there so early. That takes some serious discipline. My marathon is on 10/17 too,(only a few thousand miles south) so we can be sending each other some good vibes.

  5. ya the heat is unbeleivable. its sooooo hot out, to the point where you cant even breathe.marlene, i am also doing the Toronto Marathon! it will be my first. hopefully i see u there somewhere. Probably while u run past me! hehe.stay cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Nice work despite the humidity! That is pretty humid for being that early. Its kinda where we've been for most of June and by the looks of it this week too! Good Luck on your training!!

  7. That is great that you guys got up this early to run. You beat my wake-up time. Not only did you run but you did an amazing tempo run. I barely could put one foot in front of the other. You must feel great!!!

  8. Thats an awesome tempo pace. I'm still dreaming about hitting those numbers. It was 72 and humid in upstate NY today about the same time. My dog did NOT want to run, he started us out at a super slow pace until I got fed up with that. We ended the short run a little better but still very slow. Guess Shane (the dog) needed a break since he ran a 15k training run with me yesterday. What a dog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I have been a slug in this heat! i am running but man am I slow! Today I got up early and that was a little better. Tomorrow I am going to get up even earlier! Good luck with your marathon training!

  10. Yesterday was a high of 76 in Denver. Not to rub it in or anything….today's suppose to be 90 but then in the low 80's again. The best thing is though, living at altitude means really cool evenings so as long as I run before 7a.m., it's very cool in the mornings. Nice job back to marathon training!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Ha, you will not be seeing that Igloo for a whiiiile. Welcome to the "dark o'thirty" club!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad to see you've joined the troops, heh. Nice run!p.s. fist pump for those of us running 26.2 on 10/17! This might call for a virtual running party…

  12. man, all this marathon training is starting for the fall races. it's making me nervous that i'm losing valuable time!we are officially over 100 degrees here today. the 10 min walk to my car should be lovely.

  13. The mornings are so nice to run in but they are super humid too!! The humidity is better than the heat I guess. It is super hot here too…stay cool!

  14. Wow, that's hot! I hope it cools down before my visit to Ontario – I'm no longer used to that kind of humidity. Great job on getting out early and getting that run in!

  15. Good job on keeping it up in the weather! I'm from Arizona, so I know how horrible extreme heat can be, and it's important to find a balance between being careful and smart, and also pushing yourself and getting used to the heat. I'm glad you stopped for water though!

  16. That igloo is crazy ridiculous! i would take 100 F anyday over ice! P.S. thanks for converting C to F but you forgot to convert the K's to M's. =)good luck with your marathon training kickoff! What is it, 15 weeks training??

  17. running through the thick, heavy air is tough. it's slightly better at dark o'thirty 'cause at least the sun isn't beating down on you… but the humidity is alwayssss higher then. :-/ win some, lose some. looks like you did a great tempo to me!

  18. This heat & humidity thing sucks big time. My shirt is soaked just from walking the dogs for a mile.I'd still give my left foot to run in it though.

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