I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

Between hubs and I, we have an abundance of medals in our house! Around here, we collect bling at most races, even 5K’s and 10K’s. As you can see, we’ve accumulated quite the pile since our first race in September 2007.

Yes, unfortunately they are hidden away in a shoebox.

Here are mine alone (all 26 if them!):

Some faves:

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront – My first marathon (Sep. ’08)

A Mid Summer Night’s Run – Certainly not my best race, but the bling was nice! (Aug. ’09)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle – this one is HEAVY! (Jun. ’10)

And of course the
Goofy Challenge (Jan. ’10)

What do you do with your medals?

I would love to display them somehow… I just don’t know where to start!


Let’s see your medals! Whether they’re prominently displayed or hidden away in a shoebox like ours, I want to see them! I challenge you to snap a pic and post on your blog. Feel free to spotlight some of your faves.


58 thoughts on “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

  1. i love your first marathon medal! this is a fun idea! I have my medals at my parents house in my bedroom there but i will definitely take part in this! i have about 60 of them, 15 of which are from Disney LOL

  2. I'm kind of like you…most of my stuff is away in a storage bin. But I do hang all my medals around the neck of a wooden bear I picked up in the Adirondacks the year I did Ironman Lake Placid.

  3. You have a TON of medals!! I will have to dig mine out, but I think I really only have one legit medal from the one half I ran.

  4. i found a really tasteful coat/hat rack with a shelf above it on line and i use that for my medals. a lot of the medal holders are cheesy, if you ask me but i love the one i got. there was no way i wasn't showing off these things!

  5. First of all, you got published in the Globe. It'll be on our running page soon (here) but in the meantime, here's the first few graphs.Fine-tune your racing machineThursday, July 15, 2010DAVE McGINNMarlene Sykes needed to get ready for race day. In aiming to run the Mississauga Marathon in less than four hours, she knew she'd have to get a few other races under her belt. She needed a tune-up."It's something I've only kind of learned in the last year, but it's made a big difference in my success running marathons," says the 27-year-old executive assistant from Newmarket, Ont.Second, I wrote this post about medals a few years ago. I have way too many (I saw more than 40) and tuck them away in a box. I usually put up my last two marathons on the fridge door to remind me about goal setting πŸ™‚

  6. Nice bling!! I love the Disney stuff…..worth the trip!! Okay, so I need to post a pic….prob…Hillbilly bling! Usually a cheap ribbon or piece of paper! Embarrassing!

  7. Love the bling!I have a couple…ok one, just my last 1/2 displayed. The rest are in a box. I've been meaning to erect a shrine of some kind in our workout room, just haven't done it.

  8. As I was reading your post and looking at your pics, I was trying to think where my medals are. I don't think I have kept them all in one place. I know where the Seattle one is…but the rest, maybe I will put that on my "To Do" list for today!

  9. That is quite the metal collection! LOVE, love the Disney ones!! So want some of that. I've got race bibs, and a few…but might take a pic just for you! πŸ™‚

  10. i don't have very many and they are in a drawer. I think you should hang yours up somehow, but make room because you have a lot more coming your way!

  11. there are medal displays that you can get from the states with the actual distance on the top of the "coat rack" style of hanger. I'll try to find a link for that for you. I do use a rack similar to a coat rack or you could even use a long "coffee cup" style rack. I always pin my bib to the medal too!

  12. 26!! WOW that's amazing!! I can only hope that 3years from now I will have collected that many. Love the Disney Medals, hope to have one of my own soon.

  13. Wow, I only have 4 and my RNR Dallas half is my favorite. I have a picture of mine somewhere on my blog. I framed my race bibs and have my medals hanging on hooks below.

  14. I LOVE your medals, so very cool. The Disney one is a race I never ever wanted to do but after reading your blog last year about the challenge, it's been on my radar since. I hang my medals for that year on my closet door. Everytime I go into my closet, I am reminded of the hard work I put in to earn them (and how cool you get them for 5 and 10K's!! We do not, not very often anyway). At the end of the year, I take a picture of them and write up a little end of the year race summary and retire them to a box so I can start the new year, with a clean, fresh door knob. Here's my blog from last year's races/medals in case you're bored and want to spend 10 hours reading it: http://runwithjill.blogspot.com/2009/12/2009-review-in-medals.html

  15. I have only raced in 5k's, and they don't give out medals here for those. I have a ton of bibs, which I record my time on and place in a folder with the rest of them. Good job on the medals!

  16. hahaha i use sneaker boxes for storage, too!!! πŸ™‚ i also use them to mail gifts to people and just hope they don't get offended… hah.WOWWWZERS medals! πŸ™‚ talk about some bling πŸ™‚ perhaps you should wear them all as your halloween costume next year. πŸ™‚

  17. LOVE This post!! I love my medals and will do thisI did not know you did the Goofy Challenge. I was just starting to blog then. I will have to look back. I am very impressed!!! My medals are in a box ( a decorated box – woo hoo) If it is during the school year I take them to school to show my students when I get them as they are Properly Impressed!

  18. Dear Awesome Pants, Those colors, all the shinny its all just so fabulous! Great pic representing! I LOVE IT!Mine are hanging on the side of the fridge, but the collection is growning I think they need to find a better hanging home/place ! πŸ™‚

  19. Cool idea, Marlene! Everyone likes to show off their bling! Mine are all hanging from a hook in my office. I keep talking about doing SOMEthing with them, but never have.

  20. I LOVE all your medals!!! I have so many from high school…. but not that many from marathons and 1/2s yet! hopefully i will get more though!!! πŸ™‚ great idea! i love the goofy challenge!

  21. I am thinking of doing the Disney Princess Half…have you done that? Or have any thoughts or feedback on your experience? It is Feb.should I rush to sign up??

  22. That's a lot of awesome bling! I have all of my bibs and a only a few race bibs, but am trying to find something clever to do with them all. Haven't figured that out yet.

  23. Oooooo shiney!!! Love all the bling! I only have like 5 medals but Spike has boxes and boxes and files them away yearly never to be seen again. So don't get it… I love my medals!

  24. BEAUTIFUL!! I don't have many medals (yet) but my favorite, by far, is from the NYC Marathon. I just have them sitting on my dresser. It gives me confidence and motivation to see them every day.

  25. I will post a photo of what I've been doing this year. Up until the past year I had all mine stashed in a box like you. Then I got some frames for a few favorites. This year I hung all the medals from THIS year up on a curtain rod. I'll get that up on my blog next week πŸ™‚

  26. Mine are all over the place. Some are in shoeboxes (like yours) but, one day, the boys got into them so a few are here and there. Others are hanging on a bulletin board. This years are neatly tucked away in a bag. By the time I figure out what to do with them, we'll be into 2011.

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