Back to Reality

What a fantastic long weekend in Ontario! We had perfect weather for camping… warm and sunny during the day for swimming and lounging with a book, but nice and cool at night for sitting around a campfire then snuggling up in the tent. We had a really good time with plenty of good eats, laughs, music, Scrabble and time in/on the water.

Hubs and I made it out for a short run on Saturday morning along the winding dirt road through the woods leading to our campsite.

That wraps up July’s mileage at about 279 KM (173 miles).

After three days of indulgence and (mostly) laziness, this morning’s alarm and subsequent 10K run were somewhat painful. I was definitely glad that I had decided to bump my tempo run to later this week. Time to get back into the groove!

I hope everyone had a great weekend; I’ll be catching up soon!


36 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. thats a lot of miles marlene! but congrats. that is awesome!!!sounds like u had a great weekend also. and yes, back to reality! ugh! thank god its only a 4 day week.

  2. You are so amazing!! 279Km…Wow!So glad you had fun camping…we leave this coming Saturday to go camping by the ocean in Maine ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ok, read something wrong. thought that said "hubs and i made out on a short run" and i was thinking, sheesh marlene, get a room. but i got it now. :)laziness is deserved sometimes, but hope you bounce back to your dedicated self!

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