MWMLR by Numbers

MWMLR = mid-week medium-long run

Time the alarm went off: 4:10

Time I left the house: 4:41

Sunrise: 6:08

Temperature: 23C/73F “feels like” 31C/88F

Distance: 18KM/11.2mi (longest ever mid-week run!)

Time: 1:43:57

Pace: 5:46/KM = 9:17/mi

Bathroom breaks: 1

Other runners spotted: 1 (hubs – we were running different distances and routes, but ran into each other at the park)

Rabbit sightings: 10? (these little guys are EVERYWHERE in the morning)

One of these days I’ll get this shot right!

49 thoughts on “MWMLR by Numbers

  1. Hmm looks like my comment hasn't uploaded so again:Read about you at Linz' blog about you getting up at 3.30 am for a run and thought: WOW got to check this super woman out!I like your blog and added you to my reader. Will come back to read your stories. Fran

  2. this is exactly what i was talking about in my scheduling post the other day…so hard to get those runs in mid week. 4am? before work? ugh. but great job!!

  3. yayyyyyy you are rocking these lady!!! you are definitely going to be my inspiration for when mine start up very soon. its SO worth it to get them done in the morning. plus you don't really know what is going on yet that time of day ;)and bunnies?!?!?!! omg ❤

  4. other runners spotted: 1 hubby … hahahahaha that's too funny.BTW, I told my hubby about your early morning runs and he thinks your nuts. 🙂 But you probably knew that. That sure is hot & humid for that time of the morning. I got about the same temps yesterday, though it was early evening, not early morning.Congrats on completing another successfull MWLR (or whatever you call it 🙂 )

  5. I think I've said this 3729 times already but you've really stepped it up this year!! As always I am impressed :)Funny that you ran into hubs. Personally I'd have twist his arm with "but don't you love me? Why won't you run with me?" 😉

  6. Forgot to tell you loads of people are coming to my page telling me they found me through you 🙂 HUGS!!And… when I was checking my stats your site was the 3rd on the list of where people come from.. Crazy!! Thanks!!

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