Ten Tempo Tuesday

This morning I ran my longest and final tempo run of this training cycle. My original schedule called for one more two weeks from now, but I’ll be substituting a race instead. It’s hard to believe that five weeks has gone by already since my initial 6K tempo; this summer is flying by. (And I’m not complaining because I’ve had it with this humidity. Sorry, summer-lovers!)

My legs felt absolutely dead during the first part of my warm-up, but fortunately they gradually woke up.

3K warm-up @ 18:43 (1K warm-up @ 5:23)

Target Tempo Pace – 5:00/KM or faster

4:59 – alright, this feels pretty good
4:52 – whoops, too fast. reel it in.
4:58 – that’s better
4:59 – hold on tight, just a few more
5:05 – dying a slow death
4:43 – take that! (over-compensate, much?)

Average tempo pace – 4:56/KM (7:56/mi)

Overall, I’m pleased with how well each tempo run has gone. The conditions have been tough, with most mornings thick with humidity. Each week (with the exception of that first 6K), I was able to hit my target pace of sub-5:00/KM (8:03/mi). Hopefully this will pay off in dividends come fall when things finally cool off.

Intervals start next week!

This morning it was also time to bust out some new kicks. I realized over the weekend that I have over 800K (500mi) on my last pair.

Ya think???

I’ve lost count of how many consecutive pairs of Saucony Progrid Stabil CS shoes I have worn; I just hope they continue to bring good things.


38 thoughts on “Ten Tempo Tuesday

  1. Wow 500 miles!! Great job on the tempo run!! I have had it with the humidity too!! It is way too hot in the mornings! Fall and winter and snow will be upon us soon!

  2. I just busted out a new pair of shoes yesterday, the exact pair you have, its my second pair and I love them, though I wouldn't mind them in purple instead of blue.

  3. wow, nice job! i haven't done a tempo run yet for this marathon but i've been racining on the weekends so that def counts. i've been doing Yasso's 800's mid week, i really like doing them. i use my garmin since the track is off. i only have to run 1 and 3/4 times around, lol.

  4. Great work on your tempos! I have a 6km tonight and will be happy if I can keep a steady 6:05/km. Thanks for letting us follow along with your training… it inspires and motivates me in my own. And I'm always excited to see other Canadians! πŸ™‚

  5. Noooo winter noooooo. I much prefer going out half-naked in the soggy air. I hate agonizing over what to wear, how many layers, being too hot/too cold on a run… Boooo on you and your blasphemy πŸ˜‰ But nice running

  6. You are doing so awesome with your training. And yeah, I think those shoes were very overdue for changing out. You sure ride on that outside edge. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow! Great run. Oh, and I've not paid any attention to my shoes than looked at them and had a huge wake up call! It happens so fast. Have fun breakin' the new ones in.Winks & Smiles,Wifey

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