18 for Chloe

Over the weekend I received some terrible news; a good friend of mine had a baby girl and lost her due to complications during delivery. We are truly devastated and heart-broken by this loss.

I will be attending the service this afternoon, so today I dedicated my MWMLR to angel baby Chloe.

18.0KM/11.2mi – 1:41:42 – 5:38/KM = 9:06/mi

Your good thoughts and prayers for the family during this difficult time would be appreciated; it is going to be a very sad day with many more to follow.


47 thoughts on “18 for Chloe

  1. I am so sorry to hear about baby Chloe…I am sad for your friend…It is so hard to imagine the excitement she must have been feeling over the past 9months to then have this tragic event happen….I will be sending many thoughts and prayers for you and your friend's family…

  2. One of my very best friends in Seattle went through this last year. To say it was devastating – does NOT cover it. My thought and prayers are with your friend and YOU as I hope you can find a way to be there for her as she needs you.Much love from AZ.

  3. Oh that is just awful, Marlene. Will be praying for you and Chloe's family. Life sure gives us stuff to run for. Unfortunately, so often it is the tragic. Thoughts, prayers, and hugs!

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