Mish Mash Friday!

I made a last minute decision to add on a couple of miles last night by running to/from our weekly clinic session instead of driving. It was a good way to shake out the legs and I got a light stretch in between because our guest speaker was a Yoga for Runners instructor.

This morning I set out for a nice recovery run as planned, 10K in just under an hour.


Lacey tagged me to play a little game of ten things about you, so here we go! I’ve done so many of these “random fact” posts that I think I’ll follow Lacey’s lead and go with a theme.

Let’s talk FOOD! I’m deep in marathon training mode and you know what that means… all I want to do is EAT!

Ten things I love to eat during marathon training:

1. smoothies with greek yogurt, banana, frozen mixed fruit and lots of spinach – post-run recovery drink! (but my blender is not working at the moment! CATASTROPHE!)

2. olive oil pasta with saut̩ed bell peppers, zucchini, red onion,baby tomatoes and spinach; add some grilled chicken and fresh parmesan РSaturday night dinner!

3. chickpea and quinoa salad with whatever veggies need to be used up – awesome work lunch!

4. turkey sub on honey oat, loaded with veggies, sweet onion sauce – I love my Subway

5. chocolate milk – okay, not a food, but MUST to be mentioned!

6. Kashi cereal with yogurt – weekday breakfast!

7. GU!! (is that food?)

8. bagel w/ peanut butter and nutella – long run breakfast of choice!

9. omelet with extra egg whites, veggies and feta – breakfast # 2 on long run day!

10. Rice Works Brown Rice Crisps – mmmmm, munchies!

TAG, you’re it!!! (first comment on each of my last three posts):





Tall Mom recently challenged us to show off what’s in our drawers. Let’s see those race shirts! Here’s some of my collection. This should be most of them, but I’m certain a few are missing.

The pile:

My first race shirt:

The unfortunately ill-fitted:

The unfortunately see-through:

My faves: (sorry for the blur)

My Disney shirts, which are unfortunately too big:

A few other randoms – one more City Chase shirt to be added tomorrow!

Now let’s see your race shirts!

Have a great weekend!


36 thoughts on “Mish Mash Friday!

  1. I have given away a lot of my race shirts but I will have to do this. I need things to blog about now that I'm not running! Chocolate milk would be on my list too!

  2. Oh man! Kashi would totally rock my list! LOVE IT! I am gonna do the race t-shirt post. If I went all the way back to high school it would be hilarious! My parents bought me a shirt at every invitational–haha!

  3. It's been 22 years since I've ran so I do not have any race shirts anymore (but hope to start accumulating them again!). I started running with my dad when I was young and he had 2 drawers full of race/fun run shirts- it was all he ever wore! It was always a good laugh in my family when Mom would weed them out and he would find them in the rag bag 🙂

  4. marlene, y r u stealing my sub???that is how i get my sub too! :)and bagel with nutella and peanut butter….love it!!!! i absolutely love nutella and can eat it by the spoonfull!!! (and i have and had to throw the jar away bc i ate almsot half the jar)

  5. I am so with you! I am a hungry hungry hippo all the time! Food has become a second job! Buy, aquiring, preparing, eating! Almost as time consuming as the running! LOL!Love all the shirts, I have bags of them – I need my mamma to make me a quilt!Happy Running this weekend!

  6. I just found your blog and I love it! From looking at your race shirts, I think that we have been at alot of the same races – I have many of the same shirts! Most recently Muskoka!

  7. Ha, out of the all the races that have offered shirts, I have ONE!My first race, I remember them handing me the shirt, but with my first races jitters I must have left it on the table.Manitoba Marathon gave a cotton one which was too big so I gave it a way.My last 5k gave out a nice shirt.And all the other race I signed up too late. 😦

  8. WOW, that's quite the collection of shirts! I have … ummm ONE. And it's see through AND ill fitted – ya sucky.Great list. Some yummy looking stuff there.

  9. Yay for the smoothies, not say yay for the baddddd blender. I have many race shirts that I cannot wear either. Same thing, too big, too small.. too see-through. But it's just so fun to look through them, just like bib numbers!

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