20-Miler Recap and Track Tuesday

After Saturday’s City Chase adventures, I was in a world of hurt and still exhausted come Sunday morning. I knew it was going to be a struggle to get through a long run, but I also knew that I had to do what I had to do. To make it even more interesting, Sunday turns out to be one of the most humid days we’ve had all year. It was extremely muggy at 6:30AM and crept close to 40C (104F) with the humidex by the end of our run.

The majority of our group was running a shorter distance (fall-back week), but a few of us wanted to tackle our first 20-miler so we set early for the extra. It helped breaking the run into two parts, although we were definitely nervous about what the remainder of the run had in store for us when we found ourselves soaking wet and pretty tired from the first part. After 13K, we made our way back to the starting point where we picked up the rest of the group. This was also a great opportunity for fluid refills – we were going to need it!

I popped a couple of Advils for pain management (City Chase had trashed my legs!) and it worked, for the most part. Throughout the run, I kept wondering which was worse – the uphills which were exhausting or the downhills which were painful. Either way, the bigger concern was the thick air and the feeling that we were overheating. Occasionally we enjoyed a breeze, but when we didn’t, it was downright unbearable. I was truly tempted to just stop and sit down on the side of the road. Most of us seemed to be running out of fluids but others shared and we all looked out for one another. I could not have been happier to have company; it’s the only way I was able to keep moving.

As we neared the end of the run, we had to climb a steep embankment in order to pick up a trail that would take us most of the way to the end. We practically had to get down on our hands and knees in order to get up there. We finally made it, but many of us were feeling woozy so we decided to walk for several minutes until everyone felt well enough to continue.

Eventually, we made our way back. Between the conditions, my weekly mileage (a new PR of 89K/55mi!) and City Chase, this was one of the most difficult long runs I can remember.

32.5K (20.2mi) – 3:16:11 – 6:02/km (9:42/mi)

After the run, we were all treated to an awesome pool party, BBQ and wine-tasting (at 11AM, love it!) at the home of one of our runners. I went straight in the gorgeous swimming pool in my running gear and stayed in until I smelled the food. It was just what we needed to unwind after an extremely challenging run.

The beautiful pool:

A peak in our host’s 1800-bottle wine cellar:

After a much-needed rest day on Monday, I was ready to hit the track this morning. My legs were still feeling pretty tired and beat-up, but I had plans to meet Juliana, so I figured I would warm-up and see what I could do. It was great to have company, especially sneaking onto the “PRIVATE! NO TRESPASSING!” track. After a nice warm-up at the park, we headed over and stumbled noisily crept quietly around the school buildings, down the steps to the track.

It was still dark, dead quiet and somehow welcoming. J and I were each doing our own thing, but it was nice to have someone there. Another guy showed up to run a lap or two, but didn’t stick around.

The workout: 6 x 800 with 400m (roughly 2:30) recoveries

3:22clearly a little too eager
3:31that’s better
3:29telling myself it’s okay to stop at 4 repeats
3:30telling myself I have to do at least 5
3:24made it this far, might as well finish up!
3:27ahhhh, done!

Average = 3:27 (4:19/KM, 6:57/mi!!)

I’m definitely pleased with how well this went. After dropping J off at her car, I ran a little farther to wrap up 13K (8.1mi) for the day.

Finished just in time for sunrise.


47 thoughts on “20-Miler Recap and Track Tuesday

  1. So yeah. 9:03s after a day of City Chasin'. Nothing to be ashamed of here! That'd be a great pace to me even with a rest day before hand! You and Aron, my role models this year I swear 🙂

  2. good job on those intervals!!and ya sunday morning was not a fun day for a run!! the temperatures seem much better this week, so hopefully no more super humid mornings!!great job marlene~

  3. We kept calling our run on Sunday the Death Valley Run. Not a lick of breeze the last 10km…crazies we all are.Awesome job and I would have sold my hubs for access to a pool after our run. What a gorgeous house!

  4. Damn, Marlene! You are getting fast! 9:03 pace for 20 miles in THAT kind of weather? And 55 mi (which by the way is more miles than ive ever run in a week!) And 6:57 ave pace for those 800s?! WOWZERS!!! Whens ur next marathon and what is your goal??

  5. Marlene, gun time for the top 100 bc we were eligible for prize money LOL, yeah right!! They knew the winner would come from the top 100 so thats why. I was only like 15 min off…:-P

  6. First off, you're a rockstar for going out in that weather! Group or no group my bottie would have been on the dreadmill! NICE JOB!AND nice job at the track! I hope this week is cooler for you!

  7. Awesome! Sunday so so brutally hot….I only did 20km and thought that was brutal…20miles after City Chase! You are a machine! Great job on toughing it out!

  8. man, i need friends with wine cellars like that!! great job getting through with the heat and humidity. it's been brutal but fall is right around the corner!

  9. You always crack me up with your City Chases…good for you.Wow, I want to live in that pool, how gorgeous!! Not to mention the wine cellar.Good job getting out there this morning, it was gorgeous!

  10. great job! I have my first 18 miles this weekend, but life is crazy i won't be able to wear my recovery socks until night time. Is this OK? Did you do anything for recovery after your long run??

  11. Marlene you are sooo DEDICATED!!! Heat, Hills and 20 miles!! I almost died on my 8 miler and it was not nearly that hot.. and look at you Speedster! I need to get out there and do some repeats.AMAZING how having company can make the miles pass….I still doubt I would have finished Rock N Roll Seattle without you 🙂

  12. You ran so fast on that 20 miler!! Especially after the City Chase! Congrats on the weekly mileage PR!! 55 miles is a TON!!That pool looks amazing! Must have been so nice to sit in that!!Great job on the 800s!

  13. WOW! Congrats on getting through a tough 20 in those temps. You also have one heck of a running group. I want that pool and wine cellar!!! You are rocking all the runs!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

  14. Thanks for the great company this morning. Holy crap you were doing those repeats fast, thank goodness we were doing different "ladders" for I would have been deflated having you whiz by at those speeds. Until next week!

  15. The long run recap is impressive with that heat. Having a track recap in the same post is even more impressive! Way to go! I also had that thought this weekend, the tough uphill or the painful downhill.

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