MWMLR – "Mama Goes Masters" Virtual Race

Today I ran the 8.25 mile distance option as part of my MWMLR for MCM Mama’s Virtual Race.


Event: Mama Goes Masters Virtual Race
Distance: 8.25mi (13.2KM)
Date: August 25, 2010
Start Time: 4:29 AM
Location: Tom Taylor Trail – Newmarket, Ontario
Terrain: Paved running/cycling trails, gentle rollers
Conditions: 14C/57F, clear, dark
– 2 runners (hubs and myself)
– 1 kid on skateboard
– 3 dog walkers
– 1 fox
– unknown number of mystery critters rustling in the bushes


Distance: 13.2KM (8.25mi)
Time*: 1:14:29
Pace: 5:37/KM (9:02/mi)
*Computed based on overall average pace


Distance: 19.0K (11.8mi)
Time: 1:46:35
Pace: 5:37/KM (9:02/mi)

Happy 40th Birthday, MCM Mama!


31 thoughts on “MWMLR – "Mama Goes Masters" Virtual Race

  1. i love the tom taylor trail. i run there all the time when i am at the bf's.good job!!!! u always inspire me.and u were right marlene, once u get into the habit of waking up on the morning…its gets easier every time and it becomes a habit!

  2. yay!! nice run 🙂 it made me think… where will i be and what will i be doing when i am 40…?! maybe i should start by applying that question to 30. it's closer but still such a question mark!!!! ?????????????????

  3. mwemlerrrrr. I would like to know two things: 1) what kind of kid is skateboarding at 4:30am? and 2) what place dis the fox come in? I hope you beat it…Can you start calling me in the morning to get my lard butt out of bed? Lol. 4:29start time, I can't even remember the days where I was capable of doing that!

  4. Are your miles for the Virtual race and MWMLR backwards? No it's actually 8.25 miles not 18.25 miles…then did you run another 11.8 miles or is that a total mileage? Wait, look at who I am asking. you probably ran 19+ miles in the predawn hours while I was sleeping or getting s'ghetti ready for school. Wow.

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