Three Things Thursday

1. I had a “maintenance” appointment on Tuesday night at physio; after a good rub-down, I walked out feeling nice and loose. Unfortunately I found out that my PT is leaving the practice for 20 months to work in another country. I’m definitely bummed becuase I have really come to know and trust her over 2.5 years; hopefully she will return. In the meantime, she has referred me to the owner of the practice (a.k.a. Dr. Pain – uh oh!) who is also an experienced runner and I know he’ll take good care of me.

2. Tonight I’ll be running 800m repeats at clinic. I’ve really been looking forward to taking up speed work again with the group to push me along, but tonight I’ll be taking it on the easy side because…

3. This Saturday I’m running the Toronto Women’s 10K – 3rd race in 3 weeks if you’re keeping track (4th next weekend). Interestingly enough, my (former) PT will also be competing. There goes my chance at winning… πŸ˜‰ Anyone else going to be there??

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

32 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. awwww a nice massage would be lovely!!! i am feeling sore from hot yoga.800s! i like those. i need to get back into speed training!marlene, thank u for the kind words yesterday!!and i look forward to seeing u at my 2 big races this year!!

  2. happppppppppy thursday marleeeeene πŸ™‚ so i totally didn't realize you did PT on a semi-regular basis. "maintenance" is massage/ structure work? very smart keeping up with things like that regularly. GOOD LUCK in the 10k!!!! lots of racing πŸ™‚ and go get those 800s!

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