Friday Fluff

10 x 800 last night!!! No easy feat. I was bonking after the 7th, but managed to hang on and finish up the last three with some coercion from my buddies. Average was slightly slower overall than 8×800 last week, but you know me… I have my excuses reasons ready to go:

  • first day of TOTM (sorry guys) – feeling uggggh
  • this is a huge training week… it’s normal to feel tired
  • didn’t eat enough; finished running at 8:40 and no dinner!
  • we don’t run on a track, but in a residential area (see below)… sharp turns, cars, uneven roads and an uphill home stretch!
  • it was dark for the majority of our run – makes it difficult to run fast on roads with traffic and other obstacles (potholes, etc.)
  • WINDY!

All that being said, I feel pretty good about it. 10 x 800 is no joke!


3:46 – starting on the slow side
3:40 – feeling okay so far
3:44 – ooof, my stomach hurts
3:39 – how many more???
3:39 – okay, half way there!
3:41 – are you sure this isn’t number 8?
3:32 – this is when I really wanted to quit
3:40 – just hold on…
3:36 – … for dear life
3:44 – no kick for the finish this time

Average – 3:40/800

Overall: 16.8KM(10.4mi) – 1:30:49 – 5:23/KM(8:40/mi)

As of this week (after Tuesday’s run, to be precise), I have officially surpassed my total mileage for the entire year of 2009: 1422 miles/2288 KM.

After last night’s run, my current mileage for 2010 is: 1444.6 miles/2924.9 KM. Insane! Running 4 marathons this year might have something to do with that. Speaking of which…


Today marks one month until the Goodlife Toronto Marathonmy 6th! Training recap/thoughts and race goals coming soon.

To mark the occasion, a couple of photos from my first marathon back in September 2008 (Race Report). I will never forget that day.

Have a great weekend!

37 thoughts on “Friday Fluff

  1. LOVE that finish line photo! Makes me smile!! Great job with the speed work. I'm hoping to start track workouts next week (depending on my effort this Sunday at the half). If not, the week after. I'm a little scared!

  2. officially 1 month till the Goodlife marathon. ur 6th?? my first????eeeeekkkkk. wow ur 800s are fast. with times like that, u will be boston bound in no time!!!cool pix! u always look so happy and strong when running.happy friday!

  3. Those pictures of you – man, the best. You should be the poster child for why everyone should want to run a marathon. . . ."you'll feel like this after" . . people would sign up right and left.

  4. i feel like those first marathon photos really capture the "essence" of marlene 🙂 and you haven't looked back. you are a running SUPERWOMAN 🙂 have a fab wkd and great job on 10×8- no joke is right!

  5. you are amazing. I have yet to do 8X800..I am usually so mentally and physically drained by the 4th that I call it a day. Love the pics. Crossing my fingers I will have that same feeling on 10.10.10

  6. Haha that's how I was when I did speed work. Plenty of explanations for myself 🙂 hey whatever works! Awesome job though for reals. I am a little disappointed today is not an impourtant holiday to honour and I had to come to wourk…

  7. I totally started reading your blog right around the time you ran your first marathon! Time really does fly!Great job on the 800s! Doing those on the street is tough! Way to go!

  8. great job!! i LOVE those pics of u! wow, didn't realize you weren't doing your 800s on a track! i say knock a few seconds off of each! nice work! i set out for 8×800 yesterday but bagged it after 6, i didn't have it and there was no sense in pushing it with a big weekend coming up. have a good weekend!

  9. Love that finish line photo!!! That is how they all should end. You look soooo happy!Nice workout. I don't know how you run loops. They make me crazy. and don't get me started about wind. y.u.c.k!…I beat my yearly record (last five years anyway) too. Just something rewarding it setting new levels.

  10. WOW, one month?? How exciting, I'm jealous !Great job on the 800's, my husband just did his last set before his marathon. I'm in awe…have a fun weekend!

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