Flashback Friday: Toronto Waterfront Marathon Edition + Race Goals

This Sunday is the 21st annual Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and mine and hubs’ 4th consecutive year racing. Back in 2007, the half marathon was our very first race.

I went on to run my first and second marathons at the Waterfront (yep, I wore the same shirt; it has since been retired).

Something lures us back to this race years after year. Of course it will always hold a special place in our racing hearts for being our first race, but it also has that “big city race” appeal, drawing 20,000+ runners and dozens of international elites. It’s a great feeling to be a part of something like this and I’d hate to miss out on the opportunity, especially since it’s so close to home.

[ I do hold a little bit of resentment toward the Waterfront Race this year for strong-arming (in my opinion) the original Toronto Marathon out of its long-standing place in October (it will be moved to spring next year, on the same day as the Mississauga Marathon, unfortunately). But I won’t get into marathon politics in the City of Toronto!]

This weekend, hubs will be running the full marathon with our friend P as a training run for his goal race in November (aiming for about a 3:45), while I tackle the half.

This will be my (lucky?) 13th half marathonand hopefully my fastest! I’ve been hesitant to post my goals because to be honest, I’m intimidated! But here they are:

A: 1:45:00 (this has been a pipe dream goal for a long time. While I do believe it is attainable, it won’t be easy. It’s not supposed to be easy!

B: PR sub-1:47:41

C: not acceptable

Here goes nothing!


38 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Toronto Waterfront Marathon Edition + Race Goals

  1. Have a great day with it-looks like perfect weather! My wife is doing her first half. I have the bib and feel like I could do 10K but I haven't trained for the half so don't see how I can just pull one out of my magic bag…

  2. u will do great!!! :)ill look for u at the start line!13th eh?? wow! thats kinda cooli didnt know that the toronto is moving on the same day as the mississauga?? wtf?? i thought it was gonna be earlier. ugh!

  3. Just noticed both you and I will be running the same race we ran as our very first race back in 2007 – I ran the half as my first race that year, too! You're going to do awesome! I know you are in PR SHAPE! Run STRONG, run FAST and have FUN! Good luck!

  4. Go Marlene Go!!! Hopefully I will be able to see you on the course and get some pictures….You are going to Rock it…You've had an amazing training cycle!

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