Hubs runs a marathon!

Before I get to my race, I wanted to share a quick report on hubs’ run yesterday.

Some of you may recall that he had a disappointing DNF due to injury at this first marathon attempt last November. He went on to run his first marathon with me and our good friends P & U as part of the Goofy Challenge in January.

Unfortunately he was then sidelined for several weeks with another injury. Thankfully he bounced back quickly and his training has gone really well this summer.

The original plan was to seek redemption at the Road2Hope Marathon this November, but he decided to add the Toronto Waterfront Marathon as a training run. He managed to convince P to join him (this girl doesn’t know how to say no), so they ran together yesterday.

The plan was to cruise at long run pace for about a 3:45 finish.

waiting to start

After finishing my run, I met up with U and we grabbed a spot about 600 metres from the finish. We cheered our heads off for everyone as we waited for hubs and P. (I love spectating/ cheering!)

When we saw them coming, I started jumping and screaming like crazy. I was so excited!!

 here they come! (yes, they matched on purpose)

Hubs looked like he had been out for a stroll in the park and the first thing out of his mouth when he saw me was “How did you do??” I think he was more concerned about my race than his own. (Awww.)


Chip time: 3:36:57
1st Half: 1:51:01
2nd Half: 1:45:56

As it turns out, they had gotten a little “bored” with their long run pace and picked it up for the second half. They ran the last 7.2K at a 4:54/KM (7:54/mi) pace!

This is a one hour and 12 minute PR for hubs, and he makes it look easy.


43 thoughts on “Hubs runs a marathon!

  1. CONGRATS TO THE HUBS!!!!! That is awesome! I can't wait to see what he does with the next one if this was just a "training" run! LOL! Men, they make it look SOOOOOOOOOOO easy… 😉

  2. congrats to him!! thats awesome. i totally saw u cheer for him and run over to him. i was gonna run up to you to say hi, but then u and your friends disappeared. i was at the 500 m to go sign. congrats on the great race to your husband and looking forward to reading your recap.

  3. Literally out of my mouth just came an "Awesome!". That's fantastic. Both of you have definitely put in the work and are reaping the results. You should both be incredibly proud of yourselves.

  4. Ha, this is incredible. HUGE congrats to the Hubs (aka Mark? heh)!! I can't imagine "cruising along" at the pace..OR using a Full marathon as a training run!! He's gonna blow us away with the real Race in November, no doubt!

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