Race Pics… Featuring Pinky!

And finally….

And just so hubs doesn’t feel left out:
Have a great weekend!

43 thoughts on “Race Pics… Featuring Pinky!

  1. i have been wearing this one purple-y top over and over b/c it is just so light + comfy (it feels like bathing suit material). 🙂 great pics! go dynamic duo you and the hus are racing superstars!

  2. Not many people look this fresh in their race photos! You rock. I love the sporting life pic…your chin is high and you look like you're in complete control. I can't beleive how many runs we've been in together this year alone.

  3. I have an Under Armour shirt that I have worn in probably about 4 races now…it may have to be retired soon …the stank is unbelievable.You seriously win for the best race photos. I look either like death or have my eyes closed.

  4. I have the same shirt from Costco and I wore the pink one to Mid Summer Nights run and Flying pig….I also bought it in Blue and Purple…but Pinky is always my go to top as well! Great pictures!!

  5. very cute, in capris or skirts. how do you like the cheetah running skirt? im thinking about getting one but havent read too many reviews on them.

  6. I like to get two or three of the favorite shirts so when one wears out I can still keep going with the same look and feel. Some items are just like that where they fit and feel perfect!

  7. That pink top has taken you a long way!By the way, I spent the first few pictures trying to look to see if your pinky finger was in some way sticking out. 🙂

  8. HAHAHA That's awesome! I only have two, maybe 3, tops that I'll wear during a race or a long run. They are tried and true and I know they have never caused an issue. You'll have to frame that baby one day.

  9. The lucky pink top! Cute!Congrats on the big September month mileage! Whoo hoo! Commence marathon month! You've done some great work, I know you will be rewarded ;)Have a great weekend!

  10. Kind of love that you've worn the same shirt for so many races. I was wanting a new shirt so I didn't have to wear the same shirt 2 1/2's in a row, but, now I know I totally can!

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