Colourful Country Run

I decided to have a little fun with my outfit for yesterday’s (taper) long run. What do you think? Colourful enough?

We had a small group of eight and decided to head out of town to run on an old railway trail. It was a nice change of scenery and we enjoyed the well-groomed (crushed gravel) trail as well as some country roads. There was plenty to talk about with our upcoming races and the miles flew by.

It was a beautifully cold morning – only about 4C/39F. The air was fresh and crisp and I loved every minute of it, although it did get a little uncomfortable at times when we turned into the wind. The gloves were on and off throughout the run. I ❤ Fall!

I’ll let these photos tell the rest of the story..


25.0KM / 15.5mi
5:40/KM = 9:08/mi

Less than two weeks to go!


45 thoughts on “Colourful Country Run

  1. Your run reminds me why I love fall running so much! Its just so pretty to be outside and enjoying the cool weather and pretty scenery!

  2. Haha, when I first started reading your post, my screen didn't show those socks…holy cow is all I can saw when I scrolled down. VERY FUN, girl!

  3. good work on the last long run effort before race day! i did my 16 and it was glorious, much like your run looks. can't wait to celebrate our mutual PR's in two weeks!!!

  4. I think Fall decided to finally join us this week. But I probably just jinxed us typing that! LOL!LOVE the outfit! And nice work on the run! You are sooo ready!

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