6 sleeps to Toronto Marathon

 Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!
We had a lovely long weekend, filled with plenty of great weather, family time, good food, relaxation and (of course) running!  The only thing missing was a good glass of wine; I’d kill for some pinot grigio right now! 6 more days…
Saturday I met my group for our final “long” run of ten miles. It was a beautiful morning to be out for a run and “race pace” felt easy.  Coach snapped this pic of me with my partner for next weekend along the way. It’s blurry, but you can still see the big smiles!
On Sunday morning I went for a leisurely 5K run hubs at our usual spot. I took the opportunity to snap some pics of our stomping grounds … we have run countless miles on these paved trails ο»Ώand it just feels like home.
Where We Run:

6 sleeps! Time to start continue sleeping as much as possible, hydrating like crazy, eating right (even though all I want is junk – argh!), washing/sanitizing my hands constantly and OD’ing on Vitamin C!

Coming soon: training recap and race goals!

44 thoughts on “6 sleeps to Toronto Marathon

  1. Your running route is beautiful! It's starting to look like fall!! 6 Sleeps!! πŸ™‚ I love it! Good luck on all the marathon prep, I'll be right there with ya, counting down the days until I can consume some vino again! LOL! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  2. 6 Sleeps, I love that title!I can hardly wait for race goals and please include pre-race diet plans and fueling for race! I'm doing personal research πŸ™‚ !Thanks!

  3. I hate the craving for junk when I'm in the taper phase. I think it's our body's way of making sure we fill up on fat to get us through those last miles. grrr.Sleep lots and stay healthy.

  4. Happy thanksgiving again:) thanks for giving me Friday off, as a dumb American I had to one-up your holiday by taking it earlier. ;)Love the photos! So pretty. The countdown is ON!

  5. Great pics, I love where you guys run. We used to have a place like that, where we ran so much that it felt like home like you said. I miss that now that we've moved.

  6. Mizz Marlene… will you be going to the Canadian side of the Detroit Marathon? Is that far from you?? It's in Windsor, Ontario! You're near Ontario, right? If you go lemme know where to look for you!!!!

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