Run4Rett Recap!

With all the hype surrounding my recent marathon, I haven’t had a chance to recap another very important event which took place the day before: Run4Rett!

I am pleased to report that we had a tremendously successful day, with approximately 450 participants and more than $42,000.00 raised for the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association.

Juliana was the driving force behind this event and did a wonderful job overseeing every major aspect and minor detail – let me tell you, there is so much more to think about than you can imagine, even for a relatively small event like this one. I tried to do my part by coordinating and managing the volunteers, but played a very small role on race day given that I had a marathon to run the next day. Thankfully my awesome sister April (who was also responsible for procuring the majority of donations for our race kits) stepped up to the plate and filled in for me.
Our volunteers were absolutely wonderful, many of whom are a part of our training group. Having runners behind the scenes makes such a big in pulling off a successful event. They know how things should work and realize how important it is that everything happens the way it is supposed to. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who volunteered – we couldn’t have done it without you!
Everything went very smoothly and we have received plenty of positive feedback. It’s so rewarding to see months and months of hard work come together, especially for such a good cause.
A few pics from the big day:
Showing my (colourful) volunteer spirit:

Bouncy Castle:

Start line:
Post-Race Food:

Hubs ran a 22:30 5K after a 30K/18.6mi (!!!) “warm-up”

Congratulations to all who were involved! See you next year!

27 thoughts on “Run4Rett Recap!

  1. It was an amazing event! You guys did a fantastic job. The 5 year old had a fantastic time and is still talking about his first race. Definitely will be a whole family event next year!

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