Three Things Thursday

1. Physiotherapy.

On Monday night I had a scheduled physio appointment with Dr. Pain Ron. I knew everything would be nice and tight post-marathon and surely a week of pure laziness (see below) did not help with that. Instead of getting right down to business, he sat me down and said, “First – a pep talk.” (He knew all about my race after seeing hubs last week.) I may have talked it through to death by now, but it always helps to have a fresh perspective, extra support/re-assurance and another shoulder to lean on. Maybe I should start calling him Dr. Sensitive. šŸ˜‰

Soon it was time to get to work and he had a field day on my legs, hips and back. In the end, the hour+ long session (which made me late for dinner with Sarah – sorry!) left me feeling refreshed and renewed both physically and emotionally. It was physiotherapy with an extra helping of therapy.

2. Back at it.

After being lazy to the max for far too long, I was feeling sluggish and blahhhhh. I knew I needed a break, but took it a little too far by doing almost nothing for more than a week. It wasn’t doing any good for my spirit OR my body, so enough was enough. On Tuesday evening I headed out for a rainy slug-fest of a run with hubs and felt like I belonged on The Biggest Loser. [My week-long junk food binge may have had something to do this this. Oops!] The 5K felt more like 50, but it was still great to get out there. I followed it up with a 10K run with Run Club yesterday night in some of the most insane wind I have ever experienced. The street lights flickered as the rain came down in massive droplets. We had to shield our eyes as we were pelted by dirt, leaves and debris. I still felt pretty tired (surely the wind didn’t help!), but got through it.

Tonight it will be something completely different: back to the gym for Spin + Yoga!

3. Freedom

I am loving running just to run. With no (serious) races on the horizon, I can run whenever/wherever and however far/fast I would like. Knowing me, I’ll be ready to get back on a training plan before long (and thanks to hubs, my next one is already lined up!)… but for now, this is refreshing! I do have a fun little race coming up this weekend – the 4T aka Tom Taylor Trail Ten Miler. I’ll be running in costume (how can you not? it’s Halloween!) with a friend and it should be a great time!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

35 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. it's so different running just for the pure enjoyment of it, isn't it? i'm looking forward to a full month of it after i get past philly. whether you mean for it or not, training gets stressful!

  2. Three Things Thcomment (quickly becoming my fav day of the week):1. Awww. Is he a hot doc too? That would be the icing on top. Sorry Mark… ;)2. Yup, don't stress about running per se, just get some activity in! I have a feeling you are 200 or so lbs shy of qualifying for BL.3. I always dress up as a runner when I race.

  3. what a wonderful PT!! a body and soul kinda person šŸ™‚ I think it'll do you a world of good to just run for fun! sometimes we all need a break from training and just get back to enjoying running for running's sake! Enjoy the upcoming run..sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. oh i wanted to do this run too! but my knee is not up to running those trails….especially that one hill closer to yonge street almost at the end of the trail in aurora. that is one big hill!!but im glad that u r trying to get back on track. i know i am still struggling with it!Good Luck this weeeknd! šŸ™‚

  5. I need a Physiotherapist like that! Glad you got back out there for some runs! That is such weird weather you have been having! It has been 70F here all week until this morning!

  6. how amazing to have so many people in your life that understand how hard you worked and are willing to aid in the "recovery." can't wait to see that costume! sounds like a blast!

  7. You're physio sounds awesome! Nothing like a week of living like a BL contestant to really solidify your commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle, right? And you're a long way from a BL contestant…imagine how they must feel if we feel so crappy after only a week!

  8. I love that lindsay has taken it upon herself to start a trend of commenting on 3TT's with 3 remarks. LOL! I loved this post because you are starting to sound like you again. I think the frown is starting to turn upside down again. Keep that chin up girl! :)Have a blast this weekend! In fact you should run it naked (as in no Garmin) and really just enjoy the fun of it!

  9. omigawsh- a halloween run sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see what you dress up as! Oh and the yoga + spin class sounds perfect. I need some spinning in my life! šŸ™‚ Enjoy it!

  10. Good on you to get back on the roads. Sometimes it can be hard to rejoin the fray after a big race. You feel as if you've earned your rest. But running just for fun can be well…FUN! No plan or distance to follow! Enjoy it! Happy Halloween!

  11. Love your comment about Emily and me – the runners and bloggers but it is too bad we are both injured runners at the moment!!!! My next trip to see her will be very different from other ones.

  12. Did your PT leave bruises? Mine (and she thinks of herself as a friend!) did. I know what you mean about being able to just run for the sake of running. It's a bit of freedom after the pressure of working towards a goal and it's so enjoyable.

  13. Running for the love of it is the best kind there is. Enjoy it!I don't like massage therapy because it hurts. I haven't gone through physio and I've heard stories like yours from friends. Hope you're feeling better.

  14. What a great PT! It sounds like he understands all aspects of running.When I first saw the 4T race logo I tried to figure out how a T converts to a km or a mile.Have fun at spin and yoga!

  15. Oooo, the costume run will be super fun. I've done this one 5K every year (it was last weekend) but opted out this year cuz the thought of spending cash to run a crap 5K just pained me too much – whaaaa! You gotta post a picture :).

  16. Though I love training I am looking forward to the week after the marathon to do some fun running. My physio guy is like that as well. I have to be careful I don't start spilling all my weird secrets to him by accident.

  17. Sounds like the little break was just what you needed.Enjoy running plan free for a bit. I'm loving it right now and having some excellent unplanned long runs. Hmm, maybe I need to sneak up on a marathon LOL.

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