4T Race Report

Yesterday I ran the inaugural Tom Taylor Trail Ten Miler (aka “4T”), put on by a group of local runners on our favourite park trails. A brand new race just minutes from home? Yes please!

Unfortunately I woke up sick with a sore throat and cold on Friday and was feeling less than 100% come Sunday morning. Saturday’s Bootcamp also kicked my ass in ways I have not experienced for a long time and I was feeling it in every single muscle. Needless to say, I was not in stellar racing shape. Good thing I was running for fun with a friend… in costume!

Yes, those are M&M’s on my (pajama) pants.
We brought treat bags filled with candy (including fun-sized M&M packs!), which we intended to hand out throughout the race. ο»Ώ
Headed to the start to line up.
We lined up around the middle of the pack since we were planning to take it on the easy side. There were about 200 registered for the 10-miler and we knew it would be a bit crowded in the beginning, but we weren’t in any hurry.  
Pretty soon we were off and winding our way along the paved park trails. As suspected, it was crowded, especially since the path was divided for the out and back. 
 It was freezing (literally – 0C/32F), but the M&M’s did a pretty good job of keeping us warm and we felt comfortable. I expected them to be pretty bothersome to run in, but they weren’t bad at all. It helped, of course, that we weren’t concerned about our pace; I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for a PR attempt. πŸ˜‰
We worked the crowds who were loving the outfits and we tossed candy to volunteers and spectators. It was a big hit and surprisingly, not bothersome at all carrying the goodies. I would definitely bring even more next time because we ended up running out in the second half.

I was tired early, which I expected, but had a really awesome time running just for fun, enjoying all the costume compliments, thanking the volunteers and chatting with my blue “m” buddy.

That being said, I was definitely ready for the finish line. 
making our way to the finish
Overall, the race was a big success. We were really impressed with the local group who put it together (it was their first time) and there was a ton of support from the community. There were PLENTY of volunteers who were all wonderful. I loved the route, but this could be because the entire race ran along my usual stomping grounds. The start was congested, but it would have been fine if we had started closer to the front. Things cleared up quickly and we didn’t have any problems. We’ll definitely be back next year – in costumes, with more candy!
10.0 miles
77/180 overall
22/105 females
6/18 F20-29

52 thoughts on “4T Race Report

  1. love the costumes…and love m&ms! nice work on the run. I can't believe you're sick again. take it easy and maybe I'll see you on the weekend. where are you planning on being?

  2. that sounds like so much fun! i always love interacting with the spectators, and candy would make it even more fun! and i LOVE that medal, by the way. i love it when they break out of the circle and go for a more unique shape.

  3. Congrats! Never have done the costume running thing. I believe the Sweat Factory known as my body would disintegrate any costume I tried to wear before the first mile was done.

  4. I like that your shirt and medal got to pose with the fun-size pack. But seriously? M&M's? Gross!!!I dont know… I think I might get tired of that bubble in 10 miles. LOL. I am a whiney runner!Way to go Red m&m! And blue, even though I don't like the blue ones.

  5. First off, I hope you are feeling better. Second of all, how awesome that you ran in costume and handed out candy! Love it. Congratulations on another race and get well soon!

  6. I thought about running this but my son was singing instead. I'll mark it in the books as a possibility for next year.Sorry that you're under the weather again. Now, get under the covers, warm up, rest and feel better.

  7. You look good in red! Love the costumes but I think they'd have a bit of a parachute effect – could be great for training and building strength.

  8. Totally awesome!! I had a friend who would eat M&M's during races instead of GU and whatnot. I should try it. I bet it would be aweosme! Although it might leave me thirsty, or wanting more…Looks like a blast!!

  9. You are TOO CUTE in that costume! And such a trooper with the cold and your cold! Loved that you passed out M&M's, too!Nice work on the AG finish, too! And you weren't even "trying!" Have a good Tuesday!

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