Three Things Thursday

1. I made the local paper! There was a mini feature in Tuesday’s edition on the 4T race from last weekend. Check it out! It’s too bad they cut off my blue “m” companion… or the “blueberry” as Juliana‘s youngest daughter liked to say. 🙂

Click to enlarge
Colour version

2. It’s that time again! RunToTheFinish is bringing back the fabulous Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! Are you ready to bust some bootie and rack up points to avoid the holiday bulge? I know I am! SIGN UP NOW!

3. For anyone not keeping track… the 4T was my 19th race this year! #20 will be Hamilton’s 90th Annual Boxing Day 10 Miler. What better way to burn off Christmas dinner? This year we get cute mittens and a snowman medal! I ran this race back in 2008 and I remember it being a pretty tough course but a great event.
Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

48 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. They are featuring the Boxing Day race in Dec's Runner's World as well apparently….I love this race.I signed up for Amanda's challenge..I loved it last year!Happy almost weekend.

  2. So jealous of all your races! The price of living in a small town.I am sooo in for the HBBC. I don't think I stand a chance this year though, no Army Son to help me. With your crazy workouts you'll rack up those points!Congrats on the 5 minutes of fame! I love that smile.

  3. How cool that you made the paper. It's because you're so cute.I SO want those mittens. In fact, I just might have to sew myself something like that. Too cute!Off to check out the challenge. Not sure if I'm up for it, but they always interest me.

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