Flashback Friday: Hubby’s Turn

First – a quick recap of yesterday’s lunch run. It was a good one, with the exception of an unfortunate incident towards the end. I decided to try for progressive splits, starting nice and easy and picking up the pace by about 15 seconds with each kilometre.

Target: 6:00 – 5:45 – 5:30 – 5:15 – 5:00 – 4:45
Result: 5:58 – 5:45 – 5:32 – 5:12 – 4:54 – 4:44

Not bad!

At the beginning of the last kilometre, I came across a man walking two german sheppards. (Can you see where this is going?) They were taking up the sidewalk so I veered onto the grass to give them plenty of space because I don’t like to take chances with dogs. Sure enough, one of the dogs gave chase as I ran by and the owner (accidentally??) dropped his leash! The dog lunged and jumped up on me as I stopped abruptly and screamed various profanities. He didn’t bite, but he didn’t back down either. His owner grabbed him but laughed as he did so. I gave the guy a piece of my mind before carrying on with my run.


This time last year, Hubs was primed to run a strong first marathon at the Hamilton Road2Hope event. Some of you may remember that his day ended in the medical tent (you can read all about it here) after he removed himself from the race at 35K due to injury. He’s run two marathons since then, but this weekend will be his true redemption – returning to the course that took him down.

I can’t wait to see how this story ends.


32 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Hubby’s Turn

  1. I've had the SAME thing happen with a dog, only it ran out of a driveway and chased/jumped on me while to owner says, "Haha he ran out of the driveway? That's so strange." While the dog is growling and freaking me out.Drives me crazy!

  2. I know he'll go out and kick that course's butt this year! And I really HATE dog owners who act like that…your dog lunging at and jumping on me is NOT funny. Good for you for not letting him get away that ridiculous behavior! Looking forward to hearing how the hubby does this weekend.

  3. Grrr, dogs!! I was wondering if you were going to say the dog had a big dump and then you ran in it..but that's just something dumb I'd do. Sorry the owner was a jerko!Go HUBS…a happy ending story is in the makings!

  4. I can't believe the guy LAUGHED!! That is so horrible. As an owner of a shepard cross and a runner I see NOTHING funny about that situation. Very dangerous to everyone involved, except the guy of course.YAY for hubs!! I LOVE happy endings and can't wait to read this one!

  5. Go Hubs GO!!!I always stop dead or walk when nearing any dog, leashed or not. I've been bitten on the hands and arms and I certainly don't want to have to go through all of the shots again…Glad you gave the owner a piece of your mind…oh RUDE of him to laugh! What a Jackhole!!

  6. Great tempo run Marlene! I hate it when their are dogs around while I am running especially when they run all the way out to the road! Good luck to mark this weekend! Hope he does awesome!

  7. Oh that's awful about the dog. People like that give dog owners a bad name. Glad you didn't get hurt.Good luck to your husband this weekend. I hope he gets his redemption.

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