A better day


16 minute PR and sweet redemption.
Next stop: KFC for a “Double Down”
Hubby’s impression? Over-rated!
Next up: Hopefully some kind of race report from hubs, spectating recap, bloggy meet-ups and MORE!
CONGRATS MARK! I’m so proud!

40 thoughts on “A better day

  1. So awesome for him! Other than the stupid finish you had to go around and that had gravel…it was a pretty good course and race.Wish I had met you but we will target the Dec 26th race….

  2. Definitely an overrated course. I don't think I'd want to run the full, based on my experience of the half. Tell hubs that many Daily Milers measured the course long; the last km. was 1.5 or 1.6 kilometres. Wonder what the officials will say about that.Congrats to your husband.

  3. Congrats again to Mark! I know I wouldve been a little mad for those extra 58 secs too lol, but I know he is also celebrating a great race and big PR.I cannot believe it is not baby time. JK I totally can. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. WOOOHOO Congrats to your hubby. He did awesome, and definitely got his redemption. Gotta say though, that KFC sandwich looks gross – hahaha. Love that you wore the M&M outfit!

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