Three Things Thursday

1. Couples Physio

Due to some scheduling conflicts with physio, hubs and I ended up sharing an appointment yesterday morning. Throw in some candles and soft music and it’s almost the same thing as a couple massage… or not! Hubs definitely had the most cringe-worthy moments with all those tight muscles from the big race, but I had a few of my own as well. As usual, things are feeling great afterward and I am inspired by “Dr. Pain” who will be playing a big role in our training for next year. It seems that we see him as much for his support and advice as the physio.

2. Tights Virgin

Going into my 4th winter running outdoors, I thought it was about time I tried a pair of running tights. I have never found them to be comfortable in the past and I likely had some self-consciousness issues as well, if I’m being totally honest. After trying on just about every pair offered at my local running store, I was inspired by Heather to check out Lululemon. *cue angels singing* They have a ton of running gear that I had no idea about… it feels and looks GREAT and the prices are comparable (if not better!) than where I typically shop. I exercised some restraint (for now…) and bought a pair of snazzy Dash Tights.

They debuted on my run last night and it was love!  I barely knew they were there, which is always what I want in a good piece of running clothing. The long waist band makes for a comfortable and flattering fit. The long deep pockets on each leg are a nice touch (this will come in handy for stashing gels!) along with a nice little zip pocket on the back.

3. Workout Mania

Project: Shake Things Up is well under way. My diet is darn near perfect, I have been running at lunch 3-4 days per week and getting in all sorts of cross training at the gym. I feel fantastic in body and mind. Just a peak at some workouts so far this month:

Nov 1: 6K lunch run, elliptical warm-up, body sculpt yoga
Nov 2: 8K lunch run, spin class
Nov 3: 11K run
Nov 4: 6K lunch run, spin class
Nov 5: 18K medium-long run in two parts
Nov 6: Bootcamp + 5K run
Nov 7: 5K run
Nov 8: 6K lunch run, 3K treadmill run, stair-master
Nov 9: elliptical, weights + abs, spin class
Nov 10: 11K run, abs
…to be continued…

Tonight is our end-of-season running clinic party, but I’ll be soaking up some sunshine at lunch.

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!
Happy Remembrance (Veterans) Day!

39 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Those tights are nice. Lulu for life! (though something doesn't sit right with me with men wearing Lulu). Don't get me wrong…they have nice men's stuff…I just can't.That said I started wearing tights for my winter runs last year (sugoi, nike, adidas) and I can't imagine winter running without them.

  2. those tights are adorable! this is only my second year running in the snow…but i've been eyeing some tights too. i have been getting by with lost of layers and clothing better suited for skiing…way to keep things fresh in the workout department!

  3. i'm not a fan of running in tights b/c of how they look, but i like the way they feel. wish i had a butt to go with them, but unfortunately i have none. workout schedule looks beautiful! i'm happy to hear you're feeling so good.

  4. looooove those tights. if i wasnt such a wimp and ran outside in the winter, i would get me some too! :)hope u enjoy them!and great stuff on ur november workouts! :)happy rememberance day to u as well. i wish it was a holiday today!

  5. yay tights!!! they make us look GOOOOOOOD πŸ™‚ (have you seen men in black? "I make this suit look good!")… i never remember/believe that you have only been running for 4 years! you are such a "lifer"!!!! you are a runner through and through πŸ™‚

  6. This was FUNNY! My husband complains at our PT appointments so we don't go together anymore…love the tights, even here in Cali I need to wear tights when it's 50 degrees(whimp!) Nice job on your workouts, you're incredible!

  7. The cure for the being a little shy in tights? put your skirt or shorts over them.. that way you are covered and comfortable. I swear by my tight tight Sugoi PIstons…they totally aid in recovery..HUGS to you for being good on your diet. I will get there soon..

  8. I love tights! Once I start wearing them in the fall/winter I don't want to stop in the spring. Love them! I also pull my shorts over them if I'm feeling a little less than confident about their tightness.I love your workout plan. Lunch runs would be so great. I don't even take a lunch break. ugh.

  9. Holy workout machine! Way to rock it Marlene! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!! And I have heard so many good things about Lululemon, I may have to break down and spend some $$ for some quality gear. Glad the tights work so well for you!

  10. SO happy that you loved your lulu tights!!! Be warned, once you own lulu, it's hard to accept anything else πŸ˜‰ They have Fit, comfort & style DOWN to an art. As I sit here in my crops & tank, ready for work…Lunch time runs, FTW! Look at you go – Glad you're feeling back in your groooove πŸ˜‰

  11. once you go lulu, you never go back! glad you discovered lulu…I honestly can't go in there without spending a ton of money, I live in their stuff…it rocks!

  12. Welcome to the world of tights! I used to be so self conscious in them but then all the girls on the track team were wearing them so I felt more comfortable and started wearing them more. I bet yours look great on you! Keep up the great work on the workouts! You are really doing well!

  13. 1) what were you running in before if you just now broke down and got tights?2) couples physio sounds like/made me think of that couples-counseling stuff the fockers do in meet the fockers. bow chica bow wow, get out your big cushiony triangle!3) nice job on the consistent workouts!

  14. Everyone speaks of these running tights and I just don't understand them but have realized they might be a necessity and I might just have to jack your style and get the same pair if both you and Heather love them! LOL!

  15. Lululemon is my absolute favorite. Angels DO sing in that store…I'm 100 percent certain…and the cellulite angels are working overtime too. Marlene, you are killing your work outs. Very inspiring….

  16. Great tights! This will be my 2nd winter running outdoors (the prev. year I was a treadmill queen). But last year doesn't really count as Vancouver kinda skipped winter last year. Ya know .. in honor of the Olympics and all.I do have one pair of tights, but I haven't tried them yet. It sounds like this might be the year for them. OK, so your workout schedule is wicked. This is for your … uh "off" season, correct. HAHAHA You are awesome Marlene! Can I be you?

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