Flashback Friday Foto Fun

I was perusing some old (digital) albums and thought it would be fun to throw out some random photos from over the Facebook era years. (I really need to scan some true oldies.)

In no particular order……. please note that it was extremely difficult not including any running/race pics!

The original M&M – 2006

Brand new baby niece – 2006
Ready to whack a homer in a fun game – 2007
With my first (and favourite) nephew Connor – 2007
Absolut Icebar in London – 2007

Our first house – 2008
Beach – 2008

Don’t Ask – 2008

Honeymoon – 2005
Cousin’s wedding – 2007

Cuba – 2009

With our BFFFFF’s at BIL/SIL wedding – 2007

Paintballing – 2007

Siblings (and my bro’s new tat of our names) – 2007

Mark looks suspicious – 2008

Water fun – 2008

With my beautiful sisters – 2005

46 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Foto Fun

  1. i have to jump on the wagon and give a HOLLER to you with the baseball bat. are you sure you're in the right sport now?! hehehehe. you look seriously ready to homer no joke. i played baseball when i was little and my dad was our coach. i will never forget how he taught us to bat: "Mike to Ike" (you have your chin on one shoulder "Mike" then as you swing the bat your have your chin over your other shoulder "Ike"). lol. i was too afraid to hit the ball though because it vibrated the bat and hurt my hands (we used metal bats at the time).

  2. i'm supposed to believe that the siblings/tattoo pic has the same people in it as the last one?!? yeah right! you guys look way different.the one where you are sipping from a teacup – you look so cute.and that first one – wow you guys are baby m&m's!!as for your baseball swing… you're not supposed to swing at the high pitches….

  3. I love the paintball picture! Thank goodness the one time I went there were NO cameras! I also got tons of welts all over my body – not fun!

  4. I love, love pictures. These are AWESOME. I actually have a green m&m costume. Who knew…maybe we should get together and weat them sometime? You look amazing, Look at what running has done for you. You are a beautiful lady.

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