I’ve been running at lunch almost every day, enjoying the gorgeous fall days and soaking up as much sunlight as I can since it is officially pitch dark when I leave the house in the morning and again when I arrive home after work. [depressing]

Unfortunately today looks dreary and rainy, but that won’t stop me… at least it’s not dark!

But I digress…

Every single time I run at lunch, I run the same route. There’s an 8K version which is a large square, or a 6K version where I take an different street to make it rectangular-ish.

Despite running these exact routes day in and day out, I don’t get tired of them. In fact, I enjoy the familiarity. There’s also a conveniently located community centre, which is always open, in case of pit stop emergencies.

I tend to run the same routes when running from home as well, having are a few favourites to choose from. It’s nice knowing exactly where to turn to add a mile here and there, or to cut short when necessary.

And of course, hubs and I both spend a great deal of time running on our local paved trails, mostly in the spring/summer/fall months. I’ll miss these trails this winter, when they are only partially cleared.

Fortunately I get a good taste of variety with long run routes, thanks to fantastic coaches who coordinate group runs and plan varied routes for us every weekend, even between clinics. (Next one starts up January 20th!)

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to your running routes, or do you try to mix things up?


41 thoughts on “Habit

  1. Creature of habit. I like to know what's coming. I have landmarks that let me know I'm almost done, and landmarks letting me know about hills. Definitely habit.

  2. I switch it up every now and then, most days I run left, right, left….. Then there are other days I go right, left, right…… Yeah, pretty much the same route most of the time, unless I'm adding miles.

  3. i wish i could run at lunch time! doesn't that make your work day so much longer though? actually i really wish i could get up whenever i wanted and run in the morning but i'm not willing to get up at 5.i run all the same routes!!!!! i have this 4 mile river loop and i really wish i knew how many times i have done it. it's my go-to.

  4. I usually run the same routes at my house – there are only two ways to go, up the street or down and both are hilly! I think its good to mix it up but knowing where the mile marks are on a run is also good so you can add on or run shorter if needed.

  5. I like to run my long run in the same vicinity as others b/c I know where I can get water refills at gas stations – but I have to admit, it gets really boring sometimes, especially when I run many marathons in one year, so I do like to change it up a bit. Nothing wrong with being creatures of habit :).

  6. It's so interesting that most of us are creatures of habit – I too like running similar routes for the reasons mentioned above – knowing where and how hard the hills are for example! But, for long runs I like to mix it up and run different trails so I don't get bored.

  7. I like new routes. For some reason it's easier on my eyes. My contact followed up on the towel. He thinks it may be stuck in customs for some reason. He said he's mailing a new one out today and is very sorry (as I am too).

  8. i love to run the same areas. i've found the ones that have the least amount of traffic and stick to it. running the reverse route is enough of a change. i just feel so connected to those roads and the houses i pass by.

  9. If I am on my own, I have a few routes that I stick with. A lot of it depends on how I am feeling and what I want to see that day. With our group for the long runs, they try to mix it up as best possible which is fine with me.(except when we have to run the hills of the Bay route)

  10. I am so a creature of habit. I have had the same route for many years! I only change it up when I travel to the in-laws or to Ohio. Then I still only have 1 or 2 routes to choose from.

  11. I am definitely a creature of habit and I think that's why I have become so used to running on the treadmill. Plus, when I would go out for my short runs outdoors, I would usually run the same route… mostly to stay away from heavy traffic … and it got boring.

  12. I'm a creature of habit that likes to venture — if that makes any sense. Left to my own devices I tend to stick to routes that work, because it's easy or I feel safe on them. But I love to explore new places. The last couple of months I've had a new running partner and she loves change so we've been doing all kinds of different routes and I love it.

  13. I'm a total creature of habit…but since I run in the morning before work (dark and creepy), I'm always trying to find new routes. I'd hate for some weirdo to be paying attention to which way I run everyday. Yep, just called me paranoid! 🙂 🙂

  14. Big habit girl here!Most of my daily routes include parts of shorter one but in PA the scenery is always changing and the domestic and wild animal encounters keep it interesting!

  15. I love that you are rocking your LTWO's!! I have a few loops that I like to stick to. I think it makes it easier for me to just them and not have to think about anything. I can even leave my garmina at home because I know the distance. Keep up the good work!

  16. I'm definitely a creature of habit but I like to try new things from time to time. I run my routes in the opposite direction every now and then and even that brings a good change.

  17. Dude…I'm looking at these routes and I have no idea where they are? I have a few running routes for my downtown lunchtime runs…but I drop down to 1 in the winter because it gets bloody cold down by the lake.

  18. I like familiar routes especially when adding/removing a few kms. It's nice sometimes to just get out there and not know where you'll end up even if it sometimes mean out and back when the route doesn't quite work out as well as it looked in Googlemaps 🙂

  19. At least you'll never get lost 😉 There's something to be said for having *your* route(s) that you love! But, after reading one interview with Dean Karnazez a while ago (He said he always tries to run somewhere New, to keep his crazy 30-100 mi runs interesting) – I've rarely run the Exact same route twice. Even if it means a totally random 0.1 mile offshoot, I try to always switch things up. 1) it keeps things interesting! 2) It helps me explore my neighborhood/new city 🙂

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