Three Things Thursday

1. Kettlebells

Last night Juliana and I tried something new with our friend Paula: Kettlebells! There’s a class that Paula attends regularly just outside of town and she invited us to attend a free trial session. We showed up early enough for the instructor to give us a brief intro and walk us through the basic movements; once the class got started, we moved pretty quickly through the routine. Swing! Catch! Pump! Squat! I would be concerned that the swinging motion could cause neck/shoulder injury if form gets sloppy once fatigue starts to set in, but the instructor kept a close eye on us last night and reminded us to maintain form. It was a good full-body workout and something I would be willing to try again, although this class unfortunately does not work well with my current schedule (group runs on Wednesday nights). I don’t feel any soreness this morning (yet) except for achy forearms but we’ll see if the DOMS sets in tomorrow.

2. Cold

And I’m not talking about the weather! I have been cold all the time lately. For about two weeks now, I am never comfortable. The temperature is reasonable at both work and home and yet I am constantly shivering with goosebumps and bundling up in extra layers. I thought at first that it might be caused by changing seasons or starting to lose weight again, but I’m starting to wonder if there might be more to it. I think it’s time to schedule some blood work. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Others have suggested low iron and/or thyroid levels.

3. Flashback

I started scanning some old photos and have a few gems to share (stay tuned for Foto Friday). Here’s a quick teaser…

I think the fat kid on the right ate Marlene!

35 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Seriously? Is that really you in that photo? I don't believe it. I am cold all the time too. I wear long sleeves and a sweatshirt in my house at all times. This is even true in the summer. If you find out what is causing it for you, let me know. I would love to not need to wear gloves when it is 60 degrees out.

  2. once i GET cold i can never warm up. our house is pretty chilly for the most part so i blame that. i also have to shower (HOT!) right away after working out b/c being in sweaty clothes makes you freeeezing.i suggest drinking hot tea and taking hot showers to bring your body temp up. hot oatmeal also helps. avoid cold foods.

  3. I'm with TMB – I don't believe it. I'd like a letter on official family letterhead stating this is true.It's cold in AZ! I went to turn the heater on this morning and about got backhanded. What? It was 68 in my house!?!?!

  4. kettlebells! iave been researching them lately! they look fun, but ur right, with bad form, things can go wrong really quickly!it is cold! i feel like walking around with leg warmers and mitts ALL the time

  5. I am always cold at work – summer time in the AC and winter with the heat! I don't know what could be causing your coldness but it may be worth checking out! I really hate how the classes at the gym don't always work well with running group and other life activities! Sometimes it is so hard to fit those in!

  6. I found your blog SURFING this morning. I am your newest follower and will come back and read your posts for encouragement. I hope to run a marathon in 2011 and enjoy reading about others accomplishment. I too have a blog dedicated to my running efforts and also have one for family

  7. I keep seeing trainers at my gym getting people to use kettle balls- I definitely think I would hurt myself! Or send the ball flying and hurt someone else…

  8. Have you changed your diet at all lately? I find I am colder whenever I'm running a calorie deficit – which is most of the time for me since I'm still working to lose weight.Even if you're just getting a different balance of carbs/protein/fat, it probably could affect how warm you feel.

  9. I've been hearing about how great kettle balls are all over the place. You'll def have to keep us in the loop on how that goes!The cold thing could be an iron thing, I've been taking iron pills for awhile now and I'm actually doing much better with the cold. Hmmm…. schedule those tests soon though! Or maybe…That pic doesn't even remotely, in any way shape or form resemble you! OMG!!!

  10. i am always cold. can't even drink cold water or eat cold foods b/c it makes me hurt. i have low blood pressure which doesn't help. summer is the worst time of year b/c of air conditioning. love the pic, shows how far you've come. you should be proud of yourself.

  11. I don't believe that pic….having said that I know I have some like this and while I am proud of how far I have come, it saddens me I ever let it happen.My office finally realized it was COLD in here and turned the heat on.

  12. I CANNOT believe that was you!!! You are truly amazing.Personally, I don't think the benefits of kettlebells outweight the risks…but I have neck/back/shoulder/every body part issues so I'm not really a risk taker. Good idea to try new things though! You never know what might float your boat!I hope you get warm soon…

  13. Great job trying out Kettlebells. Sounds like a good cross training workout.I am usually hot! But with the change in seasons I am using a blanket in the evening when (if) I sit down to watch tv.Amazing how our personal journeys change us in every way, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Awesome! Be proud of who you were and who you've become!

  14. I've wanted to try kettleballs. I've heard it's an amazing workout!You definitely should see your doc about being so cold, especially for such a long time. It could be nothing, but why worry about it? I hope everything turns out well!

  15. I've wanted to try kettleballs. I've heard it's an amazing workout!You definitely should see your doc about being so cold, especially for such a long time. It could be nothing, but why worry about it? I hope everything turns out well!

  16. I've wanted to try kettleballs. I've heard it's an amazing workout!You definitely should see your doc about being so cold, especially for such a long time. It could be nothing, but why worry about it? I hope everything turns out well!

  17. I've always wanted to try kettleballs too! I've never been one to be cold either but have been for a week straight too but its due to the heater at work being on the fritz. Hope you figure yours out quickly.

  18. Interesting about the cold thing. You're probably wise to do some blood work, just to rule out something. I'm usually only cold when it IS cold (common in my house) or when I have a bug coming on, and then it only lasts a day or two before the bug arrives. Hope you figure it out. It's a long winter still ahead.Thanks for the snowflakes you sent. I hope they get here soon!

  19. threethingsthcomment:1) you forgot to talk about your SNATCH. yes i am a 12 year old boy. do let us know if the doms set in!2) i hope it this is nothing serious/medical! is that the only 'off' symptom you seem to be having? hoping all is OK when you do have bloodwork done…3) wow. just wow. i thought you were the one in the purple sweatshirt at the bottom. the braids on all of you are so hot.

  20. I don't looking at myself as a teenager…it was a fun time but I guess I fooled myself by thinking I was cute or something. NOT! You were a cutie though, I loved the braids!

  21. That can't be you! REALLY???I sometimes have low iron, but I can usually tell because I'm lethargic, not cold. Maybe you're fighting off a bug? Go see a doctor to be safe!

  22. kettlebells are pretty bad ass. I'm commenting late on this but I'm guessin' your still sore. I'm also not adjusting to cold very well. What am I going to do next week when my training starts?

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