Flashback Friday Foto Fun, Round 2!

Flashback Foto Friday seemed to be a big hit last week, so I took some time to scan a few oldies for your viewing pleasure! (We can’t let Quinton have all the fun…)

Little Marlene:

Early years with Hubs (winter ’98-’99):

2004: (omg)

Hubs and his big brother. Awwww.
There are more where these came from!

33 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Foto Fun, Round 2!

  1. LOL…No we can't let me have all the fun. This was the best. You and hubby have kinda' not changed a bit. That is so amazing how long you've known eachother.P.S. I still slide better with no clothes. Works on the swings too.

  2. ahahaha. WOW. this are amazing. i especially like the censored one. if only you had put the "girls gone wild" stamp across it instead.if i had a scanner… i'd totally do this.

  3. I had to do a double take on the ice skating photo. at first it looked like it was a photo of you doing a face plant a snow pile. Probably just some artifact of the coloring on my screen. When I clicked and it enlarged everything looked normal. LOL

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