Not that kind of kick-off! This weekend kicked off the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge courtesy of RunToTheFinish!
It’s time to start busting bootie (I’ve been practicing!) and racking up those points. I’m sure this will help keep most all of us in check through the holiday season as we are bombarded by delicious temptations and busy busy calendars.
This weekend hubs and I spent some time catching up on things that needed to be done around the house and outside. Packed training and racing calendars meant that a lot of chores have been neglected. Oops! Just keeping up with the (workout/running) laundry and keeping the fridge stocked with healthy foods from week to week is quite the accomplishment!
In the coming weeks we have a pretty busy social calendar with parties galore plus at least one Sunday reserved for Christmas baking with my Mom plus an entire weekend to finally paint the main floor of our house. (When we settled on the second weekend of December, I failed to realize that this means no Christmas tree before that. Boo!)
And did I mention I will also be getting down to business earning my HBBC points? Word on the street is that my feisty friend lilmeg over at Worth a Tri has been trash-talking me. I swear I could fit her in my pocket, but she is pretty tough… and she is definitely GOING DOWN!
HBBC Update
Sat. Nov. 20 – run (3.1), 1h Bootcamp (4), F&V (1) = 8.1
Sun. Nov. 21 – run (6.7), Spin (6) = 10.7

25 thoughts on “Kick-Off

  1. ya my days are broken up in hbbc poits! lolim the same way with chores. with a crazy work schedule and all the studying and trying to fit in working out, the house is a mess. i have no socks left! hahha

  2. I am constantly thinking about what I will doing to get points for HBBC. I even made a little spreadsheet to help me keep track and do the math! lol

  3. Yea for catching up on chores. It can be hard to do this time of year with the holidays right aroundt the corner. I am also participating in HBBC and look forward to racking up some points.

  4. I'm in the same boat with the chores. The BF works Saturdays (long run days) and we hike Sundays. This week we cancelled the hike and got stuff DONE! Feels almost as good as a hike!Good luck in the challenge!

  5. Chores…they are never done at my house! I need to ask Amanda if I can get points for them. ;-)Thanks for the reminder that I need to post my HBBC pts in my blog. I forgot this morning!

  6. We had a chore catch up weekend too. Burning down the house might have been better. hahaha.I love the HBBC but my points are not racking as quick as yours. I better get going.

  7. i just said to andy about how it all starts now…all the craziness of social events, eating, drinking, etc. i hate that this goes along w/ the holidays. but HBBC will hopefully keep me on track!

  8. Don't feel too bad about the tree. I'm never allowed to have mine up until after the 3rd of December. This is my husband's birthday and he has decreed that it can't be overshadowed by Christmas.

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