Some nerve!

Last week on a few of my runs I noticed a tightness behind my right knee which evolved to pain towards the outer side of my knee as the run progressed. It always seemed to flare up right around the 6K mark, though it didn’t seem to be getting worse from one day to the next and disappeared immediately once I stopped running.

I decided not to take into chances and skipped the long run this weekend in favour of a shorter run + Spin class, and made an appointment for physio on Monday morning. Unfortunately Dr. Pain is away, but one of his proteges was able to see me and clearly he has been learning from the boss! (ouch)

After a few motion tests, he resolved that it seems to be a nerve issue stemming from a tight lower back. (I spend far too much time hunched over my desk!) After an extensive treatment including some deep-tissue work on my tight right calf, he gave me instructions to gently stretch my lower back before and after runs as well as throughout the day.

[don’t mind the mess on the table!]
I’m modeling a shirt that Icebreaker sent me, along with a few other goodies. Reviews to follow!

I actually got down on the BATHROOM FLOOR at work yesterday to stretch before and after my lunch run… I need to remember a bigger towel for next time! *cringe* The run went well without any discomfort, so hopefully it’s helping. We’ll see how it feels on a slightly longer run with my group tonight.

About yesterday’s run – it was a gorgeous sunny day, but I checked The Weather Network just before heading out to decide what to wear: 14C/57F. Beauty! Note to self: don’t forget to check the wind speed! 50 kph (31 mph) winds for approximately half of my route caught me off guard and made things interesting! Somehow I still managed a perfectly unplanned 8K progression run from 5:40 for the first K to 5:03 for the last, which was straight into that lovely wind. 

HBBC Update
Mon. Nov. 22 – run (3.7), 15 mins. elliptical (1), 1h Spin (6) = 8.7
Tue. Nov. 23 – run (5), F&V (1) = 6


30 thoughts on “Some nerve!

  1. Hope you get things all figured out. Only been following your blog for a short period of time so I'm sure if you already do yoga or not. If you don't, look in to it as yoga is the best kind of stretching there is. It is quite enjoyable too!

  2. Hope you get things all figured out. Only been following your blog for a short period of time so I'm sure if you already do yoga or not. If you don't, look in to it as yoga is the best kind of stretching there is. It is quite enjoyable too!

  3. oh i know all about that wind! it sure was windy. i went to a bank drive thru and my money almost went flying! hahhahopefully all the stretching helps! good luck!

  4. Glad you're taking 'the bull by the horns' and addressing this early!It never ceases to amaze me how so many aches and pains actually stem from another issue elsewhere in the body. After my stint in the pool earlier this year (achilles injury) I realized how much the impact of running was compressing my spine.

  5. the bathroom floor. EEEEK!!!i learned a lot in my personal training studying about how tight hamstrings/hip flexors, etc can really affect posture and cause back pain. it's interesting how linked and related everything is.

  6. Umm. I would go out to the parking lot before I resorted to the bathroom floor. Yuckkkk.Where the heck did you go? I can barely see you in those pics 😉 Hello Ms Awesome At Watching What you Eat!!

  7. Good job on your run! Please send our weather back… apparently Canada is very confused as to which part of the country is supposed to be cold this time of year! 🙂

  8. You look great in those pictures girl! Glad you are stretching and figuring out that whole pain thing – running with pain is no fun! I refuse to get down on the floor at work – it is SO disgusting!

  9. ah shoot, hope your knee pain is quickly resolved. Sounds like you are doing the right thing!! I agree with some of the other comments…you are lookin SKINNY! you go, marlene!

  10. Hmmm… I'm wondering if something in my back (or maybe foot, hip, or lower leg) is causing my right knee pain. I hope that these new back exercises will fix the knee pain.

  11. Glad you got that problem sorted out in a hurry! Isn't it crazy how the back can effect the rest of the body?I'll trade you some sun for some snow…

  12. Dude – you have gotten incredibly fit this year. You look amazing. Also, I don’t understand how you could have lower back pain when you wear those awesome socks. It just doesn’t make any sense.Here’s to you not having anymore pain!

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