Three Things Thursday

1. Last Monday I shared a photo that I entered for a Racing With Babes giveaway. Lucky for me, T agreed that my submission was the best and selected me as a winnerThank you!! Here are some of the out-takes and getting-ready photos that hubs took in the process – this was no simple task!


2. Last night during our group run I had some familiar twinges around my right knee, and it seemed to be aggravated on each of the uphills. It was pretty uncomfortable toward the end of our 10K. I’ll stick to shorter runs for a couple of days and continue my stretching in the hopes that it gets better.

3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends south of the border. I’m thinking I should have taken the day off in solidarity, as lindsay likes to do on our Canadian holidays. Have some turkey for me please! So does this mean you all get a 4-day weekend? If so, your Thanksgiving is way better than ours!

HBBC Update
Wed. Nov. 24: run (6.2)ο»Ώ

21 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. i love me some Canada…but a 4 day holiday weekend we NEED.knee pain is weird..I had the same sort of thing awhile back…and they never really figured it out. It doesn't hurt to run anymore but I just don't have the same flexibility with it. Bodies = weird

  2. I actually get a 5 day weekend, you know….working in the school district and all. :)Love your winnings, you so ROCK! Though I'm still jealous. Ha.Happy Thursday!

  3. I love the pictures of you getting ready with all the lights! That was such a good idea! Hope your knee feels better soon! And yes I have today and tomorrow off for thanksgiving, but we really don't get too many days off during the year so its nice to have a few days off at least.

  4. LOL I'm becoming more famous in Canada!! You can take the day off – I give you permission. Tomorrow is another national holiday where crazy people storm the mall. I don't participate in that one but I do help myself to not-working πŸ™‚ Yes–4-day weekend. If only every weekend was like that…Have some pie and take the day off, I insist!Oh yes and I love the Xmas light pics. I am typing via phone again so I forgot to start my three things Thcomment 😦 I'm sorry

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