Weekend in Bullets with Photos


  • early morning treadmill run at the gym
  • after work, it was off to my hairdresser for a big chop!

  • long run! 9K solo and 16K with some great company for 25.5K total (15.8mi); it was pretty cold but not terribly windy for the most part. the distance ticked by easily and we threw in a fast finish just for fun. feels good to run long again!
the hair is not so cute after a run!
  • festive family get-together in the afternoon (’tis the season)
  • Run4Rett post-event party Saturday evening … we laughed all night long and ate too much fantastic food courtesy of Juliana and her hubby
  • Marlene + Mom Christmas Baking Extravaganza 2010… it was a long and messy day in the kitchen, with lots to show for it:

snowflake sugar cookies; peanut butter cups; pistachio/cranberry shortbread; peanut butter blossoms’ candy cane molasses cookies; toblerone fudge;
holiday monster cookies; oreo cookie bark’ kris kringles.
  • squeezed in a short run on a freeeeeezing, windy, blowy, blustery afternoon (day 20)


How was your weekend?
Don’t forget my CSN Giveaway!

HBBC Update
Fri. Dec. 3 – run (3.1), F&V (1) = 4.1
Sat. Dec. 4 – run (15.8), F&V (1) = 16.8
Sun. Dec. 5 – run (3.1), F&V (1) = 4.1


47 thoughts on “Weekend in Bullets with Photos

  1. LOVE the new do! I would love to cute my hair short but it is way too curly…it just wouldn't be a good scene trust me! Seeing your cookie creations has inspired me! I have some cutters that I want to use with my daughter…I'll have to do it this week!

  2. Your hair looks so cute! I love how you always get such cute hair styles! I always go the boring route and just get a chop. Right now though I am trying to grow mine out!It sure was snowy here yesterday, so I can imagine you had a little bit of that too. We have a lake effect snow advisory (from lake ontario) until tonight, ugg so we are getting MORE snow! I do not enjoy brushing the snow off my car!

  3. cute hair! love it! the short hair really suits u!great baking! my baking day is next weekend and i am oh so excited!omg to the snow that we got in aurora/newmarket! does shoveling snow count as cardio or as HBBC points?

  4. I'm with Denise. SASSY is what came to mind. I love it! EVEN after the run!I'm doing my cooking baking on Friday! Looks like it was a HUGE success!! 🙂

  5. Love the hair! Very cute. You were a baking queen this weekend! Wow! Good for you for getting out there this weekend. I had two very snowy runs this weekend myself.

  6. Look at all those delicious cookies!! I must get on my baking but I am afraid I will eat it all!!Love the hair cut! So how are you going to style it for work after your lunch runs? Doesn't look long enough for a ponytail anymore.Great runs!! That blistery day looks like us a couple weeks ago!!

  7. Love the hair!!! It looks awesome…probably much easier to take care for running…it's all about running isn't it? 😉 I'm starting the 2010 baking extravanganza as well…good thing there's the HBBC to stop me from eating it all!

  8. I can't believe you ran in that on Sunday! I chickened out and hit up the treadmill most of the weekend 🙂 Sounds like another fun and busy weekend! Cute haircut!

  9. i totally disagree i think the hair is adorable post run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!marlene, what a fabulous style!!! very hip and cute :)have you had teh moment where you are washing your hair and your hands are like "where's all the hair?!?!" hehehe 🙂 happy monday!

  10. 1st – Your haircut is SO cute! I love it!2nd – YUMMM, those cookies look amazing3rd – are you willing to share any recipes, specifically: sugar molasses, monster cookies, kris kringles. Thanks!

  11. Love it! Even after the frigid run I love it!And wow the cookies! I love to bake cookies maybe more than I love to run…maybe…but I can't because I can't be trusted with them.

  12. You are beautiful 😉 Love the new hairdo!What a weekend! Seeing those cookies makes me want to bake – although my legs tell me to sit! LOL!Have a great Monday!

  13. Love the new haircut! Your baking looks yummy! I started digging into mine today :)Good for you for getting out in the cold stuff. I'm finding the cold and snow coming down from the sky isn't so bad, but the wind that blows the snow up from the ground does me in!

  14. LOL i was thinking that… that can't be easy to run with. looks great post run! should have grown it a little longer to donate to locks of love or something (yes i am guilt tripping you) ;)so i guess you ate all those cookies cause i haven't seen any in my mailbox.

  15. I love the hair! All the short styles in bloggy land has me feeling like a hippie.You need some cute headbands to hold that hair back…or it will freeze in place. Brrr that looks cold.

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