After 20 consecutive days of running and 41 consecutive days of exercise, yesterday I took a day of rest.


I originally intended to get up early and hit the gym, but after waking up to 24+ hours of constant snowfall, the only logical thing to do (in my mind at 5am) was going back to bed. I figured I could squeeze in an evening workout.

After work I was off to see Dr. Pain Ron for some intense counselling/coaching/guidance physio. The original purpose of the appointment was my usual maintenance, but he ended up finding some good knots in my left calf and right hamstring. At times the treatment was excruciating, but Ron did a pretty good job of keeping me distracted as we chatted about all things running and non-running. But I have to admit, it can be a bit difficult to carry a conversation while someone has his elbow jammed into a “sweet spot” in my calf for an extended period of time several seconds. (I had brought cookies to soften him up – apparently it didn’t work!)

After almost 90 minutes, I left with a spring in my step (it might have been more of a limp) and a smile on my face, as I thought about how fortunate hubs and I are to be working with Ron. He goes above and beyond the call of duty of a physiotherapist, making an effort to really get to know us and taking a real interest in our training and goals. The personal relationship takes the care and support to a new level – one that we do not take for granted.

I knew immediately that working out would not be smart after that session, so I called it a rest day… and tried really hard not to feel guilty or remorseful about that!

Today is Day 1 again … where will it take me this time?

Mon. Dec. 6 – zip zilch nada!


30 thoughts on “/Streak

  1. What a great streak, so sad it had to come to an end but a good choice! You are lucky to have Dr. Pain! Hopefully this is the start of another great streak!

  2. I've been streaking lately too. I'm not sure what day I'm on right now, but I think it's been since September sometime (yeah, yikes). I'm really going to appreciate my rest days when they come. I just haven't decided when yet.

  3. Are you sure that session doesn't count as a workout? Can't it be considered a form of yoga or something???I hear you guys are getting blasted out there with snow. I think I heard some areas were getting/got over 100cm!! WOW, I could use some of that out west.

  4. Nice jobstreaking! As much smarter for taking the rest day once it goes so far it takes on a life of it's own.I didn't mention those cookies from the last post but after my delivery today, it's all I am thinking about COOKIES!

  5. Be proud lady! 20 days is amazing! 3 weeks of straight working out is rockstar in my book.I need to find me a good physio – but I have to go to my primary first, and she thinks I'm a moron for running so much. *sigh*Have a great week buddy!

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