Lunch Hour in Pictures

On Monday SUAR shared her morning in pictures and challenged us to do the same.

Here’s a peak at my little lunch running routine… which took a lot longer with a camera in my hand! I would have carried the camera along on the run as well if it hadn’t been so cold and miserable out yesterday, but that will have to wait for another day. There’s really not a whole lot to see on my standard lunch route, so you’re not missing much.

Gym bag waits eagerly by my desk

Before having its contents spilled on the bathroom floor


Ready to go (I put gloves on, of course!)

Gym bag waits eagerly for my return

40 minutes later: Finished!

Hmmm, what will I do with this hair now?


Wet clothes all over the floor. (too bad I’m not at home and can’t leave them there until I feel like doing laundry)

Oops, I made a mess.
Essentials for making myself (somewhat) presentable:
(thanks to T for the awesome Nathan shower wipes!)

(somebody get this girl a head band!)

Back to my desk for re-fueling

(thanks to T for the new water bottle!)

What did you do for lunch?
HBBC Update
Tue. Dec. 7 – run (5), 20 mins. weights (1), Spin (6), F&V (1) = 13

37 thoughts on “Lunch Hour in Pictures

  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! I love that you do LTWO even during the cold weather months! I definitely did nothing but dream about running. But I think it was dreaming about running in warm weather not cold. Good for you Marlene! 🙂

  2. Love it!! Thanks for showing your 'after' hair- I wondered what you did with it after a lunch run! Looks pretty good! No way I could pull off the lunch run (I don't even get a lunch break) but good for you for keeping it up!You are getting so skinny!

  3. thnx for sharing your routine. my hair is the biggest thing that i worry about when working out at lunch time!a pony tail and headband are always a good idea!great post marlene!

  4. Wait wait, Nathan make SHOWER WIPES? Holy mother of lunch running, I need to get me some of those. So, do you wash your hair in the sink? I may need to think more on this lunch running thing…

  5. I love it! Last week I had physical therapy in the middle of the day and needed to go back to work so i used a few of your tips. I also didn't sweat like I would if I had run. I am still trying to figure out how I would work it here with no showers or locker rooms. For my lunch I just sat at my desk. I think I need a stretch break!

  6. what an awesome way to spend your lunch! i haven't had lunch yet. still waiting on some students to finish their final so i can grade it and give them the good and/or bad news…

  7. Do you find the Nathan wipes actually, you know, do something? I've been using baby wipes and I know they clean me up okay…but I'm a little ripe by the time I drive home.

  8. this is exactly what i needed– a photo how to on the running at lunch!!! love it! I can't leave my gym bag in there at lunch– that's awesome that you can! I am working on getting this down to an exact science!

  9. The hair thing is why I only ever run in the morning. Run, shower then do hair and spray enough hairspray on so it doesn't move until the next run.

  10. All those lunch runs without showers?!? I guess I'm lucky that I have full facilities to freshen up after a run. I'd take pictures of my lunch hour run ritual but somehow I don't think the guys would appreciate me wielding a camera in the change room 🙂

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