Three Things Thursday

1. Hubs and I joined the usual Wednesday Run Club last night. The group was running 10K but we wanted to add on a bit, so we ran there and back for an extra 5K. It helped immensely having the company for the majority of this MWML (mid-week medium-long) run on a frosty evening. This group is the only way I’ll survive winter!

Yes this is Canada and yes it’s December, but BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! The actual temp right now is -16C; that’s 3 degrees F! I’m really hoping the sun warms things up a bit before my lunch run because otherwise, I don’t think I brought enough clothes! BRRRR!

2. There were a few follow-up questions to my Lunch Run in Pictures post yesterday…

Teamarcia asked: “Is that Ladies Room a busy one? What do others think of you prepping in there?”

I work for a pretty small company (only 20 or so people in the office) and everyone knows my little routine by now. It’s a private washroom anyway, so there’s no risk of someone coming in while I’m snapping self-portraits in the mirror or dumping soggy clothes all over the floor.

Jawsome asked: “So, do you wash your hair in the sink?”

I did that once after a 20K run to work, but for shorter lunch runs I just give it a good towel-dry and let the sweat evaporate once I go back to my desk. It’s really attractive.

Chelsea asked: “Do you find the Nathan wipes actually, you know, do something? I’ve been using baby wipes and I know they clean me up okay…but I’m a little ripe by the time I drive home.”

This was my first time using the Nathan Power Shower Body Wipes, but there is no comparison between regular baby wipes. This one worked up an actual lather and one wipe was good enough for a thorough wipe down.


Hubs and I are painting the entire main floor of our house this weekend! I can hardly believe it’s been three years since we moved into our very first house to call our very own.

It’s about time we slapped some colour on the walls, but choosing to tackle this task in the busiest month of the year – without help – was perhaps not the brightest idea we’ve ever had.

Wish us luck!


Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!
HBBC Ongoing Tally – Week of Dec.4-10
Dec. 4 – run (15.8), F&V (1) = 16.8
Dec. 5 – run (3.1), F&V (1) = 4.1
Dec. 6 – 0
Dec. 7 – run (5), 20 mins. weights (1), Spin (6), F&V (1) = 13
Dec. 8 – run (9.7), F&V (1) = 10.7
Dec. 9 –
Dec. 10 –

32 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. brrrrrrrrrrI was thinking about doing some painting over the holidays myself. I think I might wait until it's warm enough to open the windows though…i'm afraid of suffocating from paint fumes!

  2. I wish I could run at lunch, but it's just not possible. I don't have enough time to do all that! Good for you!!Good luck painting this weekend! I hope you have a great time. Maybe blast some holiday music and make it a party!

  3. wowza…that is downright cold. my rule is double digits (F) outside or i'm on the mill. i did just get a new balaclava so…maybe i'll have to see how it works and move my "run outside" cutoff to be zero…

  4. Hahah, I like how you wash up after your lunch run – I can so relate!! I go to bed many nights with just a quick wash after a late run. :)GOOD LUCK painting! I pray you're still married after the weekend ;). JK!!

  5. Love the door! Good luck on the painting…I feel your pain! I was just complaining about the cold but reading your post I will do that no more. I would rather have our 19 degrees than your 3!!

  6. Ugg yeah its ultra cold out there! And you are farther north than me so its even colder! I really hope that the whole winter is not like this!

  7. YIKES! That is COLD! Be safe on your lunch time run! I cant even imagine! Its about 32F here and im shivvering just thinking about a run outside. Good luck painting this weekend!

  8. "let the sweat evaporate once I go back to my desk. It's really attractive. " – Ha! I'm sure you pull it off well 😉 Have fun painting!! I've been basically begging D for us to paint the apt – it could definitely use some color, and I think it adds so much character to a room. 🙂

  9. Ohhhh gabrrrrrrr!!!! That's frickin' cold! Working in a small office sure is nice for situations like that. I used to bike to work all the time and often go out and exercise during lunch too.

  10. Good luck painting this weekend. I'm heading out for a run tonight and hoping it's not that cold. I usually have to run on the treadmill during the week so really looking forward to getting outside.

  11. brr thats cold!!! today was freezing in boston! it was "feels like temp of" 4 on my run this morning, but then i realized that it's only cold if you don't dress warm enough!! minus the burning, stinging face! and frozen butt/hip fat 🙂

  12. I do not envy you girl! I walked outside this morning to weather in the teens and it took my breath away… literally! BRRR!!!Your HBBC update so reminded me I have yet to post any kind of update period on that. Whoops!

  13. Very funny comment about your attractive hair. I have had to go back to work at night and gone to the gym in between. My cousin asked me how I had time to shower. She looked a little alarmed when I told her I didn't have time! Hey maybe they won't make me come in at night any more!

  14. You are such a tough chick! Truly, I don't even have any idea what 3 degrees would feel like. I think I'd just cry if I had to run in that weather. I'm such a wimp.Happy painting, it actually sounds like fun!

  15. 1) BRR. And to think I'm wimping out over 20* down here.2) I don't know what feeling ripe is? Nice visual on the hair.3) Ooh painting. I'm in the process of re-painting… Tired of the choices I made 4 yrs ago… Plus in my maturity at age 22 I picked AWESOME and stylish colors, of course.

  16. You have more tolerance for cold than I do!! Yikes! My record is 17 degrees Fahrenheit, I can't do less than that!!I did do 23 degrees F with a 35 MPH headwind the other night though…

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