Grab Bag Friday

First up, the lucky winner of Yet Another CSN Giveaway is…

RWB sent me this prize pack from her Run Naked giveaway.  Awesome stuff! I love mail, I love surprises and I love goodies! I have been in desperate need of a new water bottle for work, obviously I put the Nathan Shower Wipes to good use and the Hotties Hand Warmers will come in very handy (hehe) with these crazy temps. The Sport Beans, Bondi Band and 26.2 sticker are perfect too!


I bought myself a new party dress for my company Christmas party. I may or may not be trying it on and checking myself out in the mirror every chance I get. I’m not gonna lie, I look pretty good! Stay tuned for photos after the 23rd…

Friday is my weigh-in day and as of this morning I have lost 12.2 lbs and 3.5%BF since November 1st. I don’t think I’ve been this weight since I was a chubby 10 year old! I’m starting to see why people are commenting that I am “withering away”, but don’t worry – there’s still plenty of me to love! But I need a new wardrobe in a serious way. It looks like I’m playing dress-up in Mommy’s clothes! Gift cards for Christmas!!
This morning hubs and I hit the gym early for an easy t-mill run. Now I’ll have my lunch hour free for shopping and the evening free for paint prep (*cringe*). The plan is another short run before Bootcamp tomorrow morning, painting all day, then a long run with the group on Sunday, followed by more painting. It will be no small miracle if I can drag myself out of bed come Monday morning…
Have a great weekend!
HBBC Ongoing Tally – Week of Dec.4-10
Dec. 4 – run (15.8), F&V (1) = 16.8
Dec. 5 – run (3.1), F&V (1) = 4.1
Dec. 6 – 0
Dec. 7 – run (5), 20 mins. weights (1), Spin (6), F&V (1) = 13
Dec. 8 – run (9.7), F&V (1) = 10.7
Dec. 9 – run (6), Spin (4), weights (1), F&V (1) = 12
Dec. 10 –

34 thoughts on “Grab Bag Friday

  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the awesome weight loss! I can't wait to see pics in the new dress! Isn't it amazing how one article of clothing can make you stand a little taller and say…"Damn I look good!" Cool grab bag win!

  2. I knew you looked a lot skinnier in that photo you posted a while back of you stretching!! Amazing how the pounds have just come off with all your XT and running!! I am so happy for you Marlene! I am sure this will help jump start your training for 2011!

  3. sounds like a weekend full of painting. have fuuuun!congrats on the weight loss. that is awesome. u r a very motivated and motivating person.cant wait to see ur party dress! :)happy weekend

  4. congrats marlene!!! you must have been really consistent/dedicated to eating / working out balance. that is a huge weight loss in a little more than a month!! glad you are feeling so great!! WOO! have you noticed if you feel better running b/c of it?

  5. Congrats to your winner and on your winnings! ;-)Seriously, we have to wait until the 23rd to see your fab bod in your new dress!?! I am soo jealous of 12+lbs since November 1st. That is awesome! I can't drop an ounce to save my life. I think a fast is in my future to clear out some of the junk I've been giving my body!Nice job on the HBBC! You are doing great on your workouts.

  6. 12 lbs. in a month is wonderful, great job! How are you doing it?I can't wait to see you in some Christmas pictures. Do we really need to wait until after the 23rd?

  7. I think you need to change your avitar pic 😉 You are beautiful!I remember when I lost a ton of weight, it took me forever to make up my wardrobe again, but dang it was fun! Have a great weekend, don't breathe in too many pain fumes!

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