Festivus Weekend

On Friday we finally got the tree decorated and pressies wrapped. It’s feeling like Christmas in the house!

Saturday morning I hit the streets early for a run before Bootcamp. I decided to carry the camera to snap some pics of one of my favourite winter wonderland running routes. The trails look quite a bit different than they did in October.

I had parked my car at the gym, so I grabbed my bag after the run and headed inside for a quick wardrobe change for Bootcamp. Bathroom stall self-portrait!! (you know you’re a freak blogger when….)

After a good body-busting sweat-fest, I hustled home to get ready for a fun photoshoot with my siblings for Mom’s Christmas gift. We laughed our butts off traipsing through the snow, trying to figure out how to work the tripod and self-timer. Here’s one of the out-takes:

L-R: sister A, me, Hubs, brother J, sister E’s BF, sister E
+ Penny the family dog!
๏ปฟSaturday afternoon/evening it was off to the father-in-law’s for Christmas dinner. We exchanged pressies, had a great meal and got to hang with our cutie nieces.
Sunday morning was our second annual Santa bRUNch with the running posse. We all get dressed up, go for a long(ish) run, eat food, drink spiked coffee and be merry!
I’m waiting on the group shot (there were about 30 of us!) but here are a few that I took. We got plenty of honks, waves and big smiles from drivers (a pleasant change from when they try to run us off the road). How could you NOT smile at this bunch?
The spread:
Secret Santa Stash:
My haul:
I had one more festive party to get to, and boogied straight from the brunch to my friend L’s downtown. We had a great afternoon with all the girls eating candy decorating gingerbread houses, playing Taboo and catching up on gossip. We recently stumbled upon this pic at the same get-together in 2008 with my plate of cookies and decided to do a re-take.

How was your weekend? 5 sleeps til Christmas!

๏ปฟHBBC Update: Week of Dec. 11-17

Dec. 11 – run (6.8), Bootcamp (4) = 10.8
Dec. 12 – run (16.8)
Dec. 13 – run (5), F&V (1) = 6
Dec. 14 – run (8), weights (1), F&V (1) = 10
Dec. 15 – F&V (1)
Dec. 16 – run (10.3), spin (6), weights (1), F&V (1) = 18.3
Dec. 17 – run (4.4), F&V (1) = 5.4

HBBC Ongoing Tally: Week of Dec. 18-24
Dec. 18 – run (6.6), Bootcamp (4), F&V (1) = 11.6
Dec. 19 – run (10.9)


36 thoughts on “Festivus Weekend

  1. i love it. I want to start a santa bRUNch next year. Love your outfit!! and lady, nice 2008/2010 pic…you are looking amazing!! Motivation for me. Got to get back at it!!!

  2. That run sounds so much fun. You had a great weekend! You must love looking at old photos and then seeing how great you look now! Have a great week before Christmas. Right now I am counting two more sleeps (and days to get through) until vacation!

  3. What a jammed pack weekend you had! Your running trail looks perfect! Love that picture of you running away! The difference between the 2008 and 2010 picture is amazing! YOU look great!

  4. I just love those pictures, thanks for sharing!! Your run brunch sounded like fun and I loved the picture of the running Santa. You are such a cutie pie!Merry Christmas!!

  5. I always hesitate to comment when people lose weight because it feels superficial (and as a therapist, I know it can be dangerous), but I can't help myself. Damn, woman! You look amazing! Merry Festivus!

  6. Busy weekend! I'm sure your mom will love her gift from the family!We finally got our tree today and will set it all up tomorrow. I think I'm going to leave it up until the BF's birthday in January to make it worthwhile!

  7. You canadiens, celebrating holidays too early. First thanksgiving and now Christmas a week early? Shame shame. Thanks for at least flushing the toilet before posing for the photo. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have noticed that I basically only take photos now for the blog haha.

  8. wow, marlene! you look great! absolutely great! keep up the great work. festivus is in 2 days. we'll be celebrating, airing our greviences, feats of strength and of course, the pole…

  9. WOW you've been a busy girl. Your running group looks like a ton of fun. And the family photos look great. Not quite the same effect out here in the rain, not so festive looking! ๐Ÿ™‚

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