Three Things Thursday

1. SUAR isn’t the only one who can rock a FatBooth face! My friend’s daughter was kind enough to create this gem for me:

What do you think? I kind of like the original better.

2. Thanks for all of your good wishes yesterday. Thankfully, I am feeling worlds better as the week goes on. I had put in a call to postpone Christmas, but it looks like that won’t be necessary afterall! 🙂
3. Tonight is the big company Christmas Soirée. Time to get all dolled up, put on my hot new dress, kick up my heels and hit the wine with my bosses and co-workers. And that makes today my last (half) day of work for 2010.
Happy Holidays!
HBBC Ongoing Tally: Week of Dec. 18-24
Dec. 18 – run (6.6), Bootcamp (4), F&V (1) = 11.6
Dec. 19 – run (10.9)
Dec. 20 – 0
Dec. 21 – run (6.2), strength./aerobics class (4), F&V (1) = 11.2
Dec. 22 – Run (6.3), F&V (1) = 7.3 

25 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Have a great time at the holiday party tonight! Can't wait to see pictures of you in your hot dress!! I have a half day today too! Can't wait until noon when I can head home! Merry Christmas!

  2. you old people are soo behind the times – i was fatboothin' back in august. clearly, i am cooler.i am hoping for some early dismissal today from work. since we don't have to go anyway (big 30 min drive to the 'rents) we don't use any vacation time at christmas. i'd rather use it to go on a real vacation, and josh is all kinds of anal about using his time off haha.

  3. Hey Marlene – I'm not sure if you know but you were nominated by Beth (SUAR) to be featured in the Athlete's Plate on my blog.I just posted the menu for you.Please take a look and it is now up to you to nominate somebody for next week's menu.Here is the link:www.baha703ironman.comI enjoyed going through your blog and getting to know you a little bit better and I am now a follower as well.

  4. was scanning blog titles to see if i've been missing anything good when this picture caught my attention. too funny!! hope you had a great holiday. the pic of you and hubs, all dolled up, is great! you guys look like a million bucks!

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