New Year, New Training Plan

Yesterday officially kicked off training for my goal marathon on May 15th: Mississauga Marathon, home of my sub-4/PR.

Hubs has once again worked his magic in creating a custom training plan for me, which we then worked together to scrutinize and fine-tune.

There are a noticeable changes from my last round:

  • running 6 days per week instead of 5
  • cross-training on my “off” day and at least one other day
  • two workouts per week (tempo/LT Tuesdays and interval Thursdays) *not every week
  • emphasis on keeping recovery runs slooooooow
  • splitting medium-long into two runs, at least for the time being while it’s freezing and pitch dark before and after work
  • tempo/LT runs incorporated into medium-long days
  • significantly more marathon pace work, in particular during long runs

Day 1 called for rest/cross-training so I hit the gym for some time on the stair-climber, elliptical and weights. Ideally I’d like to take a spin class on Mondays, but I wasn’t feeling up to it after a long first day back to work and a grueling long run (hilly 17 miles – yes, this was before training began) the day before.

The mileage will be big, the workouts will be tough and it will be a fun 19 weeks.

As for goals? You will have to wait and see. 🙂

HBBC Ongoing Tally, Jan. 1 – 7
Jan. 1 – 0
Jan. 2 – run (17.1)
Jan. 3 – cardio (3), weights (1), F&V (1) = 5

46 thoughts on “New Year, New Training Plan

  1. wow marlene! u r starting the year of with a bang! congrats!ill be at mississauga as well, doing the half marathon and trying to finally get my sub 2 hour time.looking forward to following you all the way to mississauga (not in a creepy way lol)happy new year and may 2011 bring you lots of great run and lots of great adventures!

  2. Yeesh 17 miles. For fun? Good for you. I'll be rooting for hubby at Mississauga (he's doing the half), so I'm sure I'll spot ya again. It would be helpful if you wore your M&M suit. Have fun training!

  3. Exciting training for you. I'm a huge believer in running 6 days per week. Hey, that's 52 rest days per year! I rest completely on my rest day and do core and upper body 3 days per week after my runs.

  4. That sounds like a completely insane training schedule. And kind of awesome. Go for it!! I'm bringing up the rear over here with creating my training plan. It will for sure be done this week!

  5. you are always on a mission, i love it :)your training plan sounds like it will keep you in great shape!!!!!!and i can't wait to hear your goals 🙂 happy new year marlene!!! you are rockin' and rollin' with no sign of slowin' 🙂 feel free to sing that 🙂 hehe.

  6. so jealous of you having time to run big mileage. I was just told by a few people on Spark that I will never run my marathon potential unless I have a base of at least 50-60 mpw. I already get up at 4 am..and don't get home from work until 9:30 pm. Where will I find time to run 50-85 mpw? Wish I had run big mileage before having a kid.

  7. I cannot wait to follow your marathon training!! May is going to come really fast! I need to get on my training schedule soon too!

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