The best laid plans

Unfortunately day 2 of the new training plan (first scheduled run) was a bust.  I started feeling sick again yesterday and I knew that I had to skip the run. I was able to sneak out of work a bit early to get some extra rest and thankfully, I feel fine this morning. Maybe it was just my body’s way of telling me I needed a rest day.

Hopefully I will be able to complete the remainder of my scheduled runs this week. I may try to make up for some of the missed miles from yesterday, but I don’t want to push it too much just in case I am fighting something off.

Nothing like an early reminder of how important it is to listen to your body and be flexible in order to execute a successful training plan and remain healthy in the process!

Have a great day!
PSSSSSSSSSST! Don’t forget to sign up for
Tall Mom’s 1000+++ Club for 2011!

HBBC Week of Jan. 1 – 7
Jan. 1 – 0
Jan. 2 – run (17.1)
Jan. 3 – cardio (3), weights (1), F&V (1) = 5
Jan. 4 – 0


30 thoughts on “The best laid plans

  1. Get better soon, and yes, maybe your body is telling you to take it easy for a little while longer. You've cut out a very strenuous training schedule for yourself. I know, I sound like a Mom….LOL,

  2. Reframe: NOT a bust. You listened to your body and feel better for taking the rest. SCORE, your body is communicating in a way you now understand.Now that you took the rest you have the ability to kick ass today.Giver.

  3. Good call…it is tough to know when to plow through and when to rest..better know than when you are in the thick of training.I have that slight sick feeling so am indulging in a diet of water/green tea, ColdFX, vitamins and oj….and running for now.

  4. Feel better Marlene! I am starting to feel a cold coming on too. It's so hard for me to want to take it easy this time of year – as I'm super stoked to get going on all my New years goals. But it's best to listen to the bod. Good for you. Feel better soon friend!

  5. GOOD CHOICE!!!!Thank you for the link love.. AND FYI you already have a base built so your base building portion of training is not as uber important, you will get back in the swing once you feel better. Last year I ran through sickness and it lasted for nearly a MONTH!!! If I had it to do again I would have rested…

  6. making that decision was the smart way to go! it's too early on in training to push yourself and make yourself even more sick. rest up and feel better!

  7. Listening to the body is the absolutely hardest thing to do when it comes to rest. It is amazing that we could sit there and push ourselves an extra mile but on some days we can't be rationale enough to just stay home.Get well soon!

  8. I missed two runs last weekend and have NOT made up the miles. For me that is harder than making them up and I suspect the same thing is true for you. Make sure you are okay and healthy!

  9. Feel better luvey! I'm right there with you, skipped Monday and Tuesday of this week because my ITB was not feeling quite right. It's better to take it easy now before things ramp up then make yourself worse or get injured. Smart training!!!

  10. Hope you feel better! Smart move to listen to your body. And, YAY, for Tall Mom's 1000+++ Club. Looking forward to logging those miles! Winks & Smiles,Wifey

  11. That was me today too. Didn't sleep well last night and was feeling ragged. Knew it was beter to take a rest day and save it for another time.Hope you continue feeling better.

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