Sof Sole Review + Giveaway

Sof Sole recently offered to send me a couple of their products to try out. I’ve heard great things about the brand and had been interested in trying out some insoles, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Airr® Insole

Website Info:

  • combines air cushioning with moisture control technology
  • Encapsulated air technology featured in the heel and arch are air chambers used to provide exceptional comfort while increasing shock absorption
  • Coolmax® fabric cover absorbs moisture and provides breathability
  • Lightweight insole can be used in all types of shoes
  • Coolmax® technology for climate control
  • Polymer gel forefoot cushioning


My current shoes have about 500KM on them, which is getting pretty close to the time when I would typically retire them. I thought this would be a good time to test out the insoles and maybe even squeeze some extra life out of my shoes thanks to a fresh cushion.

Out with the old, in with the new:

It was interesting to compare Sof Sole with the standard insole from my shoe. At a glance, they clearly appear to offer a lot more cushioning and support.

When I first slid my feet into my newly Sof Soled shoes, it felt a little unusual. I could tell that my feet were sitting quite a bit higher and the arch was very noticeable. Next step: lace up and hit the streets!

I have flat feet and expected the arch to feel uncomfortable. In actuality, I could tell that the extra support was there, but it felt good.

I noticed my heel slipping slightly out of the back of the shoe, most likely due to the extra rise from the insoles. I thought I might have to re-lace my shoes (looping through the very top holes), but when I tied them a bit tighter on the next run, I didn’t have a problem.

The extra cushion was very noticeable; you know that feeling when you put on a brand new pair of shoes, like you’re wearing pillows or clouds on your feet? They felt like that and the feeling has lasted through each and every run.

I’ve been using the Sof Soles constantly for over a month now and I’m definitely sold. They feel fantastic and I’m thinking they might even help me squeeze some extra life out of my shoes. Does anyone know many miles you can typically get out of a set of insoles?

Coolmax Trainer Sock

Website Info:

  • Wick away moisture to keep feet dry 
  • Fine-knit and lightweight
  • Seamless toe
  • Deep heel pocket to minimize movement and friction
  • Banded instep for secure fit and arch comfort
  • Nonbinding top for comfort


These socks are super cute and comfy. They sit very low on the ankle, which I love for summer running but not so much in the winter (brrr, my ankles freeze so I’ve had to pull out my high socks). For the time being, I’ve been using them for most of my gym runs and workouts and I really like them. They have a nice cushion without being too thick or heavy. I haven’t been able to test them on a particularly long run since I’m only using them indoors, but so far – no blisters!

Sof Sole has generously offered up an additional pair of Airr® Insoles and Coolmax Trainer Socks to one lucky reader!
To Enter: (one comment per entry please!)
1. Tell me how you look after your tootsies and/or why you’d like to try Sof Sole
2. “Like” Sof Sole on Facebook
3. Leave a comment about this giveaway on the Sofe Sole Wall
5. Tweet about this giveaway – be sure to include @sofsole and @marleneruns
6. Follow this blog
Giveaway closes on Thursday, January 13th!
Thank you Sof Sole!
Week of Jan. 1 – 7

Jan. 1 – 0
Jan. 2 – run (17.1)
Jan. 3 – cardio (3), weights (1), F&V (1) = 5
Jan. 4 – 0
Jan. 5 – run (9.4), F&V (1) = 10.4
Jan. 6 – run (12.9), F&V (1) = 13.9
Jan. 7 – run (5), F&V(1)


86 thoughts on “Sof Sole Review + Giveaway

  1. i wore sof sole socks this morning!! the only thing i do to take care of my toes is to clip my toe nails. they are so ugly, it's not worth doing anything else! 🙂

  2. i usually wear dri-fit socks from target that have some cushion, because i'm too cheap to buy name brand socks, but know that I can't just get away with anything. I've tried better insoles a few times, but seem to have gotten lazy with that lately. So really, I *need* to win. 🙂

  3. id love to get one of the insole thingies! this might help with my knee problems.i so want to get back into running but my knee only alows for about 20 mins at a time! this might help me!

  4. I have been rolling my foot/arches on a tennis ball lately which makes them feel much better! I feel like I need new insoles in my older shoes.

  5. I try to take care of my feet but I must admit that they are pretty sore. My orthotics haven't been working well so I think sof sole would be a great product to try!

  6. you always have such super duper give aways!! The socks do look super cute!! I'm a Wright sock girl my self…however, I would never pass up the opportunity to try something new. Hope you are feeling a little better!

  7. Well, I've tried about 4 billion insoles out there to alleviate my heel pain with no success, so maybe these puppies are the answer – so I think I need them!!! 🙂

  8. I take care of my feet by making sure I replace my shoes in a timely manner. I would really like to try the insoles to see if they help this lingering hip issue I've been having!

  9. I AM OBSESSED WITH RUNNING SOCKS.I think you know this? Obsessed. I can only run in certain kinds. I stick with smart wool and Wright. I have one other pair that I'm starting to like too. This is how I look after my tootsies. I want to try a new kind! (pickmepick mepick me)

  10. My feet are starting to feel the mileage; I need to replace my shoes, but we just won't have the money for another month. The insoles would really help. 😉

  11. I'm constantly on the search for good Insoles – that picture with your feet squeezed together? Mine would have a big gap in the middle, hello Arches! haha 🙂 I'm glad these worked out for you!! Maybe something I'll look into! Or win?? We shall see! 🙂

  12. Hey girl! Long time no see. I love the Sof Sole products. I tested them out last year and the insoles are still going strong. I would recommend highly that people give them a try. Search for where you can purchase them and DO. In fact, you should have a pair in every pair of shoes you run in. They are far superior to the manufacturer insoles that come with the shoes. The socks are awesome as well! I love mine, especially in the fall. They are a bit too thick for my summer running but are great socks. I agree that the short style is NOT ideal for winter running.Take care Marlene!

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