Three Things Thursday

1. Thanks to everyone who entered the Sof Sole Giveaway. The lucky winner is:

lilmeg at Worth a Tri
Congrats and thank you Sof Sole!

2. Bedhead meets Emz:

I hope she doesn’t sue me.

3. I may have mentioned that we leave Saturday morning for Antigua (eeeeee!) and I’d like to squeeze in my long run first. Tomorrow I will attempt the unthinkable: barring any unforeseen circumstances (i.e. weather) I will be commuting to work on foot – approximately 29 KM (18 miles), 27 KM of which will be run in the same direction on the same road. I’ve done this once before, only that time hubs drove me part way to shorten the route. And it wasn’t January!

Needless to say, there is some preparation is involved. Clothing, “shower” essentials, food and my car need to be left at work today. I was able to able to borrow some safety gear from a friend since my collection is non-existent sparse. I also let a couple of co-workers know just in case they have to come looking for me!

Hopefully I’ll be back with a good story tomorrow…

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

46 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Good luck and have fun running to work tomorrow! Some day I hope to do that too, its only 10 miles from my current location tho so it wouldn't be that bad!

  2. Frigging priceless!!! LOL!You be careful tomorrow young lady! I'm so glad you borrowed extra safety gear. I expect an email or blog post that let's us know you made it and are in one piece!!!

  3. That is CRAZY, you will be awesome. One of my co-workers ran to work a couple times, she has 4 kids and that was the only time she could do it. She stashed a water bottle mid way and a few other things..Very anxious to read how it goes, be SAFE!!

  4. That picture is hilarious!Good luck with your run tomorrow. Sounds brutal. I have run home from work a couple times. It's only about 6 miles, but it's mostly on a straight, busy, noisy, stinky road and it was horrible and so unenjoyable. Hope yours is better.

  5. Just getting allll caught up!LOVED that picture of you! I can see those abs on you any day now! Week one sounds like it went great, can't wait to see what this training cycle holds for you ;)Good luck tomorrow morning, sending safe thougths your way! And have a blast on vacation – you very lucky girl!!!

  6. OMG, that is one EXCELLENT picture!! LOVE IT!Have a blasty in Antigua…I may, or may not, be talking to you when you return since you're leaving me behind. JK. 🙂

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