Week 2

Monday6K recovery

Although Monday would typically be a rest or xtrain day, I added a recovery run since we would be travelling Saturday and I wouldn’t be able to fit in a run that day. I expected heavy and tired legs, but I actually felt pretty fresh and had to concentrate on slowing down while running errands.

6.0KM (3.7mi) – 35:06 – 5:51/KM (9:25/mi)

Tuesday – 18K medium-long (2 runs) with 6K tempo

Tempo Tuesday!

Lunch – 10.0KM (6.2mi) – 51:08 – 5:07/KM (8:14/mi)

Eve – 7.9 KM (4.9mi) – 43:11 – 5:28/KM (8:48/mi)

Wednesday 10K recovery

I had a late afternoon appointment with Dr. Pain for some maintenance and knew I would be in no conditions to run afterwards, so I hit the gym early in the morning for my recovery run. I always find the first mile or two on the treadmill to be complete torture. I feel stiff, sore, awkward, tired and bored. Thankfully it usually passes and I find a groove around the third mile. This run was particularly boring since I wasn’t playing around with the speed as I usually do. I just punched in my recovery pace and plugged along. I ended up calling it quits a mile early because I was running a bit late and knew I had a slow (snowy) drive to work ahead.

8.05 KM (5.0mi) – 48:18 – 6:00/KM (9:40/mi)

Thursday – clinic (I didn’t have a plan b/c I wasn’t quite sure what we would be doing)

On Thursday night we had a gentle introduction to speed work with the group. We all headed over to the local trails where we broke into our respective pace groups and ran three sets of strides at the end of our warm up. The workout was just 3 x 4 minutes at a “moderately difficult” pace. I wanted to keep it on the easy side since I would be completing my long run in the morning, so just tagged along with the group and made sure I wasn’t working too hard. I was talking away and didn’t bother to record the splits.

9.24 KM (5.74mi) – 51:19 – 5:33/KM (8:56/mi)


Friday – 29K long

Remember that time I ran 18 miles to work?

29.1 KM (18.1mi) – 2:44:16 – 5:38/KM (9:05/mi)

Saturday – off (travelling)

We’re off to the beach!!!! (Have I mentioned that??)


Week 2 Total (up to Friday): 70.3 KM (43.7mi)

I’m hoping to bump that up with a hot and sunny run in Antigua on Sunday. We packed our running gear and even mapped out a few routes from the hotel. Hopefully we’ll be doing some exploring on foot! I’ll check back in when we return…


Sunday – We ran from the resort to “down town” St. John’s and it was the perfect way to explore a little bit of Antigua. The heat and humidity were pretty intense, but it was the perfect way to start the day – especially followed by a quick dip in the ocean.

11.7 KM (7.3mi) – 1:08:45 – 5:52/KM (9:27/mi)
Updated Week 2 Total: 82.0 KM (50.9mi)
Total time: 7:42:03
Average pace: 5:38/KM (9:03/mi)
See you in a week!


23 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. You better be enjoying that sun because it is FREEZING here! -2F this morning! Great job this past week! Hope you get some nice runs in the sun!

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