After a truly amazing week in Antigua, we got home late last night to a harsh dose of reality. We quickly traded the flip flops and sunscreen for winter boots and mittens. Hubs was in denial at first:

For the record, it was -11C (12F) when we arrived in Toronto. Quite an adjustment from 30C (86F) in sunny Antigua. *sigh* (I know you’re probably not feeling too sorry for me right now.)

We finally walked in the door at 10:30 PM, shoved our bags out of the way and collapsed in bed. By this time we were both having second thoughts about our plan to get up early and meet the group for a long run. Sleeping in, having a lazy morning at home and getting a head start on laundry seemed a lot more appealing. Somehow we found the motivation to get up, bundle up and show up for the run.

There was an extreme cold weather and wind warning, with an actual temp of -22C (-8F) and a biting “real feel” of -30C (-22F), the coldest weather I can ever remember running in. Considering we were on the beach less than 24 hours prior, it was quite a shock to the system.

Given the conditions, we collectively decided on a shorter run (19K/11.8mi) consisting of three separate loops starting and ending at the Running Room, so we were never too far from un-frozen water and warmth if needed. Breaking the run up this way also made it a bit easier to handle mentally, but it was far too tempting to call it quits after each loop. The cold was excruciating, especially on my face which was only be covered so much. Somehow, with a little complaining and a lot of support, we made it through.

And now I’m ready to go back to the beach!

More trip pics to follow!

38 thoughts on “Home

  1. Welcome back!! The run sounds brutal! It sure was cold today! I ventured out to the gym this morning and the temps have only dropped since then! Can't wait to see more pictures of the beach!

  2. Is your middle name DEDICATION??!!That is wonderful that you ventured out into the freeeeeeezin weather. I can not stand to run in cold weather..and cold for me is anything below 40!!! My lungs feel like they will freeze. Bless You,Shawn

  3. That is a long run in those temps. I ran last weekend in low temps – can't remember what 3 degrees maybe and frostbit my ear lobes! It would be hard to go by the warmth and not stop but that was a smart way to do it. You are hard core to forego the catching up with laundry, sleeping in etc. Can't wait to see more pics!!

  4. Looking tan maurlene. I mean, I can almost distinguish you from the sand 😉 and Maurk, needs to learn how to paurk between the lines. Welcome home. I don't know how people survive in – temperatures. What do you wear? Everything in your closet?

  5. We came back from Hawaii once in similar conditions – what a brutal slap in the face, huh? Think of all those warm, beachy memories when you're slugging through the dark, snowy miles :).

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