Foto Friday: Antigua!

Arriving in paradise

Greeted with welcome champagne and cool towels

The place was spectacular

Tea by the sea

A glass of wine with my toes in the surf

Reading RW… ON THE BEACH (haha)

Midnight chocolate buffet – I’m in heaven

Awesome restaurant on the water, shoes optional!

BBQ beach buffet – food served over ice in kayaks!

Mmmm daiquiri

Pool-side pizza

How I spent most of my days

After a post-run dip


Sunset on the beach

We rented a private cabana by the pool for a day

Pre-dinner wine on our balcony

Strike a pose


at the teppanyaki restaurant

I’m a little teapot?

Until next time…


48 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Antigua!

  1. I can't decide which is my fave: drinking with toes in the surf, runners world on the beach, or chocolate buffet. They're all amazing! I'm glad you had such an incredible vacation!

  2. The water looks absolutely spectacular!!!!The Husband and I were hoping to head for a Caribbean vacation this year. But it turns out I can't get any serious holiday time until the fall. And well the hurricanes will keep me away – we just don't plan on risking it!Toronto Girl West

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